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A fictionalised historical drama series centred around the young Louis XIV and his journey to becoming the most powerful monarch... More

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Versailles: Season 3 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Google TV and Apple TV Store.

Versailles: Season 3 episodes

Episode 3.1

Smoke and Mirrors

Louis welcomes Leopold, the Emperor vanquished of the Holy Empire,... More to Versailles. Philip, victorious in the war, was given the task of selecting prisoners to deport them to the colonies. But the presence of a mysterious prisoner with a masked face awakens his suspicions.

Episode 3.2

Trust Issues

Louis and Leopold compete for control of Spain, and Maria... More Theresa plays a dangerous game by supporting her lover rather than her husband. Philippe continues his investigation on the man with the iron mask. In the salon, the position of Maintenon, the king's pious favorite, is threatened. In Paris, the people refuse to pay taxes.

Episode 3.3

The Truth Will Burst

In Paris, Fabien finds it difficult to maintain order. At... More court, Louis rejects Maintenon when his troubled past is exposed to the light. Philippe is attacked after spotting the man with the iron mask. At the Vatican, Cardinal Leto wishes to hand over the King of France in his place.

Episode 3.4

Crime and Punishment

Louis has Marie-Therese confined to the castle, suspecting her of... More conspiring against him with Leopold. Louis raises indignation by imprisoning a prominent Protestant philosopher. In Paris, Fabien is released in exchange for prisoners, but Louis asserts his authority by having one of them executed as an example.


The Afterlife

Maintenon returns to the palace and encourages Louis to put... More his plans into action. Louis wants to discredit Leopold, and makes a secret pact with Barek, the Ottoman emissary. Philippe understands that the Church is at the origin of the conspiracy of the man in the iron mask, and suspects Louis to take part. Marie-Thérèse falls seriously ill.


The Wheel of Fortune

Louis changes tactics to counter Leopold, but he discovers a... More new opponent with Cardinal Leto, attending the funeral of the Queen. Meanwhile, Philippe discovers the unthinkable on the man with the iron mask.


The Book of Revelations

The burning question remains: who is the man with the... More iron mask? Leto decides to bring the man with the iron mask to Versailles, but Bontemps feels the danger. With the help of Fabien, he removes the prisoner and brings him to Louis and Philippe. The truth is finally revealed.


Of Gods and Men

While Philippe wants to send the man with the iron... More mask to the colonies, Louis knows that it must be eliminated. Meanwhile, the revolt rages in the streets of Paris, and the loyalty of Fabien is put to the test in the face of the violence of the King. Leto takes advantage of Louis' weakness and the threat of excommunication.


The Tinderbox

Fabien knows Louis has killed the prisoner and deduces the... More truth about the Man in the Iron Mask. Philippe decides to leave the court. Leto convinces Maintenon to support the marriage of Louis and the Infanta Isabella. But against all odds, Louis marries Maintenon and proclaims himself head of the Church of France. Louis accelerates his campaign of expansion in Europe and persecutes the Protestants.


The Legacy

After crushing the Protestants and thwarted Leto, Louis feels invincible.... More But his family and France are divided. What to expect from the future? What will be his legacy? Louis summons the Dauphin to show him how to be a good king. Louis decides to go to Paris to bless the sick. He does not know that the rebels fomented an attack for the murder...

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