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When a school bus full of Neptune High students plunges off a cliff, killing almost everyone on board, Veronica Mars... More

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Veronica Mars: Season 2 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Stan and Prime Video and Apple TV Store.

Veronica Mars: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Normal Is the Watchword

After the summer fireworks caused by a dangerous confrontation with... More Lilly Kane's murderer and a surprising visitor at her door, Veronica attempts to settle into "normal" life, complete with a new after-school job and a return to the popular fold at Neptune High, but she gets pulled back into the investigation business when Wallace is kicked off the basketball team for testing positive for drugs.Meanwhile, Keith sits down with reporter Julie Chen to discuss his new book on the Lilly Kane murder, "Big Murder, Small Town." Later, after seeing his father arrested for murder and being charged and tried for murder himself, Logan seeks refuge from the paparazzi and relaxes poolside at the Casablancas mansion with buddies Dick and "Beaver" and their sexy stepmother Kendall.

Episode 2.2

Driver Ed

After tragedy strikes Neptune, Calif. and the local sheriff rushes... More to judgment, an emotional Veronica attempts to help a grieving family member rule out suicide as a contributing cause in the calamity.

Episode 2.3

Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he... More believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Meanwhile, Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice.

Episode 2.4

Green-Eyed Monster

While dealing with her own feelings of jealousy regarding Duncan,... More Veronica helps a young woman who believes that her new fiancée is secretly after her fortune by sifting through his background and even posing as a sexy, available coed to entrap the guy.


Blast from the Past

Deciding to give Jackie the benefit of the doubt since... More she's dating Wallace, Veronica tries to help Jackie determine who stole her credit card, leading Veronica to appear on a psychic's community access show to pursue a lead. Meanwhile, Wallace confronts his mother Alicia about who his real father is. Later, Veronica learns of a voice mail recording from one of the students that died, made at the moment the bus crash.


Rat Saw God

With Aaron Echolls facing trial for Lilly's murder, the previously... More accused Abel Koontz appears to enlist Veronica's help in finding his missing daughter Amelia, leading to a confrontation with Kane Software's head of security. Meanwhile, Logan is arrested


Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Veronica and Duncan discover that the still-comatose Meg had been... More babysitting an abused child, leading Veronica to take on an unfamiliar role as a babysitter to determine the kid's identity. Meanwhile, Kendall continues her affair with Logan as her stepso


Ahoy, Mateys!

Veronica helps Keith determine who is haunting a school bus... More crash victim's parents, currently embroiled in a suit against the school district for negligence.Meanwhile, after Logan asks for help fighting the murder charge against him, Veronica stumbles


My Mother, the Fiend

After Veronica gets busted for breaking into the school office... More and ordered in detention to reorganize the school's files, she stumbles on her mother's permanent record and learns that she was suspended for reasons that cause Veronica to further question e


One Angry Veronica

Called to jury duty over Christmas break, Veronica must sit... More on a difficult, polarizing case against a pair of affluent 09'er defendants accused of assaulting a young Hispanic woman. Meanwhile, when the Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane sex tapes go missing from th


Donut Run

When Duncan disappears with Meg's baby, Lamb must work with... More two FBI agents to extract as much information as possible from an uncooperative Veronica. Meanwhile, Wallace reveals the real reason he returned to Neptune, and Weevil and Logan make a breakthrough in their hunt for the rogue gang member.


Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle

Wallace's hopes of escaping his trouble in Chicago are dashed... More when Rashard's uncle accuses him in the press of a hit and run. Meanwhile, Weevil has Veronica bug a church confessional to smoke out the traitor in his bike gang.


Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough

When the profits from the Neptune High Winter Carnival go... More missing, Veronica finds herself defending Jackie from the condemning teachers and students. Meanwhile, Keith meets with her father, Terrence Cook, after he is accused of playing a role in the bus crash, and Logan initiates a new relationship while Beaver continues an old one.


Versatile Toppings

When a private website for Neptune High's gay students is... More hacked, and the members blackmailed, Veronica finds it difficult to track down the culprit when the victims want to remain anonymous. Meanwhile, Hannah finds out Logan's true intentions, and Keith believes he has found an alibi for Terrence.


The Quick and the Wed

Wallace's new girlfriend Jane enlists Veronica's help when her older... More sister Heidi appears to be a "runaway bride," but the clues suggest something possibly more disturbing happened on the way to the altar. Meanwhile, Keith and Veronica decide that they have no choice but to go to Sheriff Lamb with the evidence they've uncovered about the bus crash. Later, Kendall has a tempting offer for Aaron Echolls.


The Rapes of Graff

While accompanying Wallace to Hearst College, she runs into her... More ex, Troy Vandergraff, who enlists her help when he is accused of date rape. Meanwhile, Keith helps Cliff with a personal problem involving a prostitute, and Logan makes a decision regarding his relationship with Hannah.


Plan B

Overcome with guilt and frustration, Weevil asks Veronica for help... More to bring Felix's true killer to justice, but realizes he may have to take matters into his own hands.Meanwhile, Keith reviews a strange DVD that Woody receives in the mail, and relationship troubles brew between Wallace and Jane, and Mac and Cassidy.


I Am God

Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the... More bus crash, who drop clues along the way. Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam.


Nevermind the Buttocks

What promises to be a simple case of finding out... More who ran over a classmate's dog turns into a startling revelation when new secrets about the bus crash come pouring out and Veronica finds herself again revisiting Lilly's murder case. Meanwhile, Wallace and Jackie try to turn their relationship around the corner, and the PCHers turn to Weevil for protection from the Fitzpatricks.


Look Who's Stalking

Gia enlists Veronica's help to find out who is stalking... More her, and Clemmons cancels the senior prom.


Happy Go Lucky

Veronica takes the stand in Aaron Echolls's murder trial, and... More is distracted during final exams while waiting for the verdict. Meanwhile, Keith takes new evidence about the mayor to Lamb, and Weevil asks Mac and Cassidy for help to pass algebra.


Not Pictured

After discovering the true perpetrator of the bus crash, Veronica... More is desperate to warn others before it's too late. However, she inadvertently puts herself and her loved ones at risk in the process.

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