Unforgiven: Limited Series

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Suranne Jones plays a woman found guilty of murdering two police officers when she was a teenager who, upon release... More

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Unforgiven: Limited Series is available to stream in Australia now... More on BritBox Australia.

Unforgiven: Limited Series episodes


Episode 1

When Ruth is freed from prison she returns to the... More house where she was brought up with her sister and becomes friends with the house's new owners, John and Izzie. John tries to help find Ruth's sister for her. Michael and Rachel's daughter is hurt in a car crash.


Episode 2

After Lucy recovers from being in the coma her parents... More decide to meet Ruth. Steve decides the best way to get even with Ruth. Ruth decides to be honest with Brad about her past. Emily discovers the truth about Ruth and comes to a big decision.


Episode 3

Sally Wainwright's gripping, touching thriller ends as we find out... More what really happened all those years ago in that grey farmhouse on the moors, when two police officers were murdered. Suranne Jones continues to be pitch-perfect as Ruth Slater - released from prison on licence after 15 years - who is searching for self-assurance and a place in a life that's never really been her own. Just watch her fearful, tentative mask crack when she finally hears news of her beloved sister Katie, who was adopted, renamed Lucy and is now studying music at university. Ruth, often baffled by the modern world, is painfully in need of friendship, which finally comes from an unlikely quarter when the son of one of her victims attempts to extract a dreadful revenge. This is popular drama at its best. More, please.