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Michael Douglas leads this Golden Globe-winning comedy as an aging actor with a lauded career who now makes a living... More

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The Kominsky Method: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Netflix and Google TV and Apple TV Store.

The Kominsky Method: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Chapter 1. An Actor Avoids

As Sandy gets to know a new student better, he... More puts off visiting an old friend who wants to see him. Norman copes with a difficult issue at home.

Episode 1.2

Chapter 2. An Agent Grieves

Sandy helps Norman organize an event with complicated arrangements and... More invites Lisa on an unusual date. Norman is a hit with Sandy's class.

Episode 1.3

Chapter 3. A Prostate Enlarges

While Sandy contends with a worsening prostate problem and conflict... More between his students, Norman deals with his troubled daughter, Phoebe.

Episode 1.4

Chapter 4. A Kegel Squeaks

Sandy and Norman turn to each other for support as... More Sandy waits for his test results and tension between Norman and Phoebe ramps up.


Chapter 5. An Agent Crowns

Norman worries he may have made the wrong decision about... More Phoebe. Sandy wants to take his relationship with Lisa to the next level.


Chapter 6. A Daughter Detoxes

Norman and Sandy drive Phoebe to rehab, then spend the... More night at a casino. Sandy faces a financial quandary and learns he's angered Lisa.


Chapter 7. A String Is Attached

Norman contemplates a financial arrangement with Sandy. Sandy tries to... More smooth things over with Lisa. Mindy helps her father with his tax situation.


Chapter 8. A Widow Approaches

Norman has lunch with a widowed friend of Eileen's. Sandy... More and Norman attend a Parkinson's fundraiser. Norman is haunted by women from his past.

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