The Good Fight: Season 6

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Spin-off series of The Good Wife, kicking off one year after that show's finale.

An enormous financial scam has destroyed the reputation... More

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The Good Fight: Season 6 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Stan and Apple TV Store and Paramount+.

The Good Fight: Season 6 episodes

Episode 6.1

The Beginning of the End

After being promoted to top partner at the firm, Liz... More is forced to accept Ri'Chard Lane as a new name partner brought on to help manage her staff and client load. Meanwhile, Diane experiences déjà vu as she navigates her way in her new bullpen office, downstairs with the associates.

Episode 6.2

The End of the Yips

As Diane encounters her first "therapy" session, she begins to... More see everything in a positive light. After agreeing to participate in a student project about Black female attorneys, Liz must find a way to prevent an unfair takedown of her reputation. Eli Gold returns to help Marissa in court.

Episode 6.3

The End of Football

Ri'Chard and Liz team up to work on a case... More about racial discrimination between a Black coach and an NFL team owner. Ben-Baruch returns and stirs up friction with Carmen.

Episode 6.4

The End of Eli Gold

Eli Gold's trial is underway, with Marissa Gold as part... More of his legal team. Liz and Ri'chard attempt to solidify their working relationships leading to a surprise discovery about Ri'chard's history and Liz's father. The firm attends a Democratic fundraiser.


The End of Ginni

Ri'Chard, Diane and Elsbeth Tascioni are hired to negotiate a... More "push-nup" for a husband and wife trying to determine fair compensation for childbirth. However, a challenge is presented when the unborn fetus also gains representation in court. Marissa gets a gun after her near death experience with her father and grows wary of strangers around her.


The End of a Saturday

Ri'Chard's nephew loses his bone marrow donor and it's all... More hands on deck at Reddick & Associates to save his life. In the midst of the search, Liz discovers Ri’Chard has a hidden agenda.


The End of STR Laurie

The firm learns major funds are being held by the... More government due to Russian sanctions, which ultimately leads to a discovery of the FBI’s interest in the firm. Parents sue a college for tuition refunds, raising the question “Who is responsible for the ongoing racial discord in this country?”


The End of Playing Games

While STR Laurie is investigated by the FBI, Liz and... More Ri'Chard attempt to take their clients. As they fight to extricate themselves from STR Laurie, Ri’chard and Liz must decide who is head of the firm. Meanwhile, Diane is forced to expose her PT-108 treatment.


The End of Democracy

Diane, Liz and Ri'Chard strategize with Neil Gross to help... More him buy out the Democratic Party. Jay brings Carmen into the Collective to help extract information from a white supremacist. Diane and Kurt battle relationship issues.


The End of Everything

The office must survive after being trapped by white supremacists.

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