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In this new take on the '80s crime series (and later turned into films starring Denzel Washington), Queen Latifah stars... More

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The Equalizer: Season 2 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Google TV and Apple TV Store and 9 Now.

The Equalizer: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1


Just as McCall considers ending her work as The Equalizer,... More she's pulled back in when she takes on Detective Marcus Dante as a new client who needs her help to find an untraceable group of bank robbers.

Episode 2.2

The Kingdom

McCall finds herself in the crosshairs of a foreign government’s... More intelligence agency when her friend Mira, a diplomat’s daughter, seeks McCall’s help to find her missing brother. Also, Dante faces suspicion from a fellow detective newly tasked by the district attorney to find the vigilante knows as the Equalizer

Episode 2.3


McCall is hired by a concerned mother who suspects her... More teen son has joined a local gang, leading McCall to the boy’s surprising motivation behind his spiraling behavior. Also, Delilah faces anxiety as she prepares to speak at her friend Jason’s memorial service, and Dante worries when the new detective pursuing McCall sets his sights on unmasking the people closest to her.

Episode 2.4

The People Aren’t Ready

McCall comes closer than ever to being captured when she... More races to prevent the murder of District Attorney Grafton, the prosecutor seeking to bring her to justice



McCall is hired by an online group of true-crime enthusiasts... More to find the anonymous stalker of an unsuspecting NYC woman when the criminal claims he will murder her in eight hours



Mel’s past military expertise proves critical when McCall is hired... More by District Attorney Grafton to find a sniper on a killing spree, seemingly selecting victims at random. Also, Delilah experiences PTSD when the sniper shootings cause her to relive the trauma of her friend’s fatal shooting.


When Worlds Collide

Bishop comes to McCall, Harry and Mel for help when... More a terrorist from his past uncovers the identity of his adult son, a young man Bishop has kept secret for decades to safeguard him from his intelligence work. Also, Aunt Vi becomes nostalgic about a past romantic relationship when she receives a surprise visitor



McCall and Mel help a deported woman track down her... More son after she was separated from him while seeking asylum at the U.S. border. Mel, McCall and Bishop exhaust every avenue to get Harry released from prison.


Bout That Life

McCall becomes ensnared in a deadly battle between rival rap... More crews when she is hired by the wife of a famous rapper, Dilemma, to prove the musician is innocent of murdering a fellow artist.



McCall joins forces with Jessie Cook, a brilliant and unpredictable... More master thief, to recover a valuable painting stolen from a Black family during the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.



McCall and Mel work with a jaded ex-cop to find... More the killers of a beloved Chinese American restaurant owner, who was the victim of a hate crime masked to look like an accidental electrical fire.


Somewhere Over the Hudson

McCall helps a mob accountant, Bert Singer, scour the city... More for a lost ledger of evidence he must provide to the FBI in exchange for entrance into the Federal Witness Protection Program. Also, Mel frets over how to tell her best friend, who comforted her for years about Harry's death, that Harry never died at all.



McCall races to find Dante when he’s abducted by a... More pair of panicked deputies who fear reprisal, after they detained Dante without cause and used excessive force before realizing he’s a fellow cop. Alone and injured, Dante experiences hallucinations that reveal his complicated childhood.



McCall receives a desperate plea for help from her former... More CIA trainee, now a full-fledged agent, that leads her into a confrontation with Mason Quinn, the most dangerous enemy from her past in intelligence. In need of confidential information about the agent's latest assignment, McCall forms a tentative alliance with Carter Griffin, a by-the-book CIA handler.


Hard Money

McCall's vigilante work further complicates her personal life when she... More is forced to ask her ex-husband, Dr. Miles Fulton, to help with a gunshot victim: one of two women being hunted by thieves after they witnessed a robbery.


Vox Populi

When Aunt Vi is the lone juror on a murder... More trial who believes the defendant is innocent, McCall covertly investigates the case to find proof that Vi's instincts are correct.


What Dreams May Come

McCall, Mel and Harry take a leap of faith when... More they help a self-proclaimed psychic, Julien, find his missing sister who he says is in imminent danger, according to his visions. Also, Delilah's PTSD returns as she struggles under the weight of keeping McCall's secrets and her worries about her mother's safety.



McCall’s determination to apprehend Mason Quinn, the criminal responsible for... More Bishop’s death, veers into a dangerous obsession that could cost her everything. Also, Delilah finally meets her mother’s vigilante team when she requires Harry and Mel’s help to prove a fellow classmate made her best friend a victim of revenge porn. Second season finale.

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