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Historical German romance saga centred on Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, and Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, Princess of Bavaria and the sister of... More

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The Empress: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Netflix.

The Empress: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

One's Place in the World

Helene and Elisabeth travel to meet Emperor Franz, who is... More expected to ask for Helene’s hand. At the party, he stuns everyone with a surprise decision.

Episode 1.2

The Arrival

Elisabeth arrives in Vienna for her wedding. Soon enough she... More faces palace intrigue while Franz attempts to protect his country from going to war.

Episode 1.3

The Wedding

Elisabeth marries Franz, and the royal family gets a taste... More of her rising popularity. Sophie’s former lover attends the wedding and discovers a secret.

Episode 1.4

The Hunt

Sophie and the council push for military action, but Franz... More refuses to engage. Elisabeth upsets the czar's son, leading to severe political consequences.


The Shoes

Maximilian gathers support for an evil plan while Elisabeth's well-intended... More gesture backfires, leading her to befriend the dubious maid, Leontine.


The God Who Us Has Freedom Sent

Elisabeth spends her time partying with Maximilian while Franz is... More desperate to reconcile with her. Leontine gets herself into a precarious situation.

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Award winner
Best Drama Series at the 2023 International Emmys.
MA15+, Strong sex scenes
Country of origin

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