The Boys: Season 2

The Boys: Season 2

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Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr return to season two of Prime Video's wildly popular anti-hero series following a group of regular folk looking to take down a corrupt team of superheroes.

2020Rating: 18USAPrime Video



The Big Ride

With Butcher still missing, Hughie, Mother's Milk, Frenchie, and Kimiko... More are now fugitives, and Homelander and Vought are more powerful than ever.


Proper Preparation and Planning

Butcher is back with the Boys, but tensions flare with... More Hughie. Homelander spends quality time with his new "family."


Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men

The Boys take to the high seas to safeguard their... More prisoner. Homelander plays house, then pushes Ryan over the edge.

Nothing Like It in the World

The Boys head to North Carolina to follow a lead... More on a mysterious Supe named Liberty. And did you know a person’s choice of candy bars might tell you if they’re a serial killer? Watch and learn the warning signs! This episode could save your life!


We Gotta Go Now

VoughtStudios is pleased to announce that filming has begun on... More #DawnOfTheSeven. 12 years of VCU movies have led to this. If you like movies about One Hero, you’ll love a movie about Seven Heroes. Introducing newest member @RealStormfront! See how the legend began! In theaters Summer 2021!


The Bloody Doors Off

When The Boys and Starlight follow a lead to Vought's... More mysterious Sage Grove Center, they find one of Vought's darkest secrets - and someone even darker from their past. Meanwhile Homelander and Stormfront's relationship deepens.


Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

To help Victoria Neuman make a case against Vought, Mallory... More and The Boys look to an unlikely source for answers. Hughie gets terrifying news about Starlight. Meanwhile, Homelander and Stormfront further their master plan for Compound V.


What I Know

Becca shows up on Butcher's doorstep and begs for his... More help. The Boys agree to back Butcher, and together with Starlight, they finally face off against Homelander and Stormfront. But things go very bad, very fast.

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Perhaps the most important thing that Season 2 does is push the show's scope beyond the realm of capes and tights; its messages aren't subtle, but then again, neither is putting on a costume and fighting crime.

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While she's still not uttering any words, Kripke expands The Female's story with some new elements... But Fukuhara's emotive expressions and body language effectively communicate the nuanced emotions she's feeling throughout.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

The best thing about the second season of The Boys is how smartly it adds complexity and depth to its characters and stories.

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Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine

Appropriately enough, Starr remains the, er, star of the show, the very embodiment of its black-hole-dark comedy concept: with great power comes a complete disregard for any form of responsibility, accountability or morality.

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The Boys: Season 2 is available to stream in Australia now on Google Play and Prime Video and Apple TV.