Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People

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A deep dive into a subculture fuelled by spice: from the elite growers who strive to create new superhots to... More

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Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People is available to... More stream in Australia now on Disney+.

Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People episodes

Episode 1.1

The Others

Take the chili pill and head into the world of... More The Others - the ones who live for heat. Chili kingmaker Johnny Scoville embarks on a quest for the world’s hottest pepper. Superhot Dr. Frankensteins create new monsters to challenge world records.

Episode 1.2

Bulls & Bull Riders

The chili world descends on Dallas for the largest chili... More eating contest in North America. Pepper legend Troy Primeaux sends scorchers to fire up the competition while defending champ Mike Jack and underdog Zach Goot vie for glory.

Episode 1.3

Spicy Beginnings

Chili heads grow their legend with bold moves. The UK... More Chili Queen takes on a mob of pepper eaters, while Johnny Scoville finds a monster in Jimmy Pickles’ basement. Newcomers Aurea and Bobby meet for the first time to make a splash on the scene.

Episode 1.4

Welcome to the Club

The pepper game can be cutthroat, and knowing who to... More trust is tough. As legend Troy Primeaux and newcomer Bobby McFadden try to get ahead, they discover unlikely allies. Meanwhile, Zach Goot needs to find a way to handle his chili addiction.


Insert Boxing Metaphor Here

The chili world is transfixed by an epic 1-on-1 chili-eating... More throwdown between Johnny and Shahina…while Jimmy Pickles is in a fight of his own against intruders and trolls. New partners Bobby and Aurea ignore it all to cook up their own hot sauce.


The Golden Age of Hot Sauce

We live in the golden age of hot sauce, and... More everyone is trying to cash in. At a hot sauce showcase, Troy, Bobby and Aurea try to earn industry-wide recognition. Johnny Scoville finds a pepper he believes might challenge the world’s hottest.


Winter is Coming

When winter nears, pepper season ends, and growers race to... More save their crop. Chili kingmaker Johnny Scoville rushes South to find warmer weather and peppers still on the vine. And while most are busy, chili addict Zach tries a life without spice.


The Business of Heat

Pepper growing season is done, so now it’s time to... More turn the haul into cash. When big business comes calling, top pepper growers have the chance to work with an international restaurant chain. Meanwhile, Johnny uncovers some disturbing allegations.


Peppers for the People

When spicy goes mainstream, it can mean big money for... More the pepper growers. Big names attempt to win business with an international restaurant chain. Meanwhile, recovering chili addict Zach gets a hall pass for a weekend bender into extreme heat.


And the Hottest Pepper is...

Chili Kingmaker Johnny Scoville’s quest to find the hottest peppers... More comes to an end as he hosts an epic chili-eating contest and brings the contenders to a lab for testing. These peppers might change the face of the spicy industry.

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