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Follow the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they... More

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 3 is available... More to stream in Australia now on Netflix and Apple TV Store and Paramount+ and Paramount+ channel on Prime.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 3 episodes

Episode 3.1


Stardate: 43125.8. A system-wide computer malfunction places the crew of... More the U.S.S. Enterprise in grave danger while they are escorting a scientist to a star in the process of exploding.

Episode 3.2

The Ensigns of Command

Stardate: 43133.3. A human colony is forced to evacuate a... More planet when the original inhabitants return and threaten the colonists with annihilation if they do not leave within four days.

Episode 3.3

The Survivors

Stardate: 43152.4. The Enterprise discovers a planet that has had... More all life eradicated, except for two mysterious residents and their home, which has been left in perfect condition.

Episode 3.4

Who Watches the Watchers

Stardate: 43173.5. An away team inadvertently breaks the Prime Directive... More and reveal themselves to a primitive culture on Mintaka III, causing the inhabitants believe that Captain Picard is a God.


The Bonding

Worf and Wesley must help a 12 year old boy... More cope with the death of his mother; an archaeologist killed during an away mission to a deserted planet.


Booby Trap

Stardate: 43205.6. While investigating an ancient ship left adrift in... More space, the Enterprise accidentally trips the ancient booby trap that disabled the old vessel over 1000 years ago.


The Enemy

Stardate:43349.2. A blind Geordie is trapped on a hazardous planet... More with a paranoid and severely injured Romulan. In orbit, a Romulan Warbird is preventing the Enterprise from attempting a rescue mission.


The Price

Stardate: 43385.6. The Enterprise hosts the negotiations for the rights... More to a newly discovered, stable wormhole to the Delta Quadrant. One of the negotiators, Devinoni Ral, becomes attracted to Deanna Troi, but he holds a dubious secret.


The Vengeance Factor

Stardate: 43421.9. The Enterprise crew tries to mend the relationship... More between a race known as the Acamarians and a faction known as the Gatherers.


The Defector

Stardate: 43462.5. A defecting Romulan warns the Federation about an... More impending attack by the Romulans, who are secretly establishing bases within the Neutral Zone.


The Hunted

Stardate: 43489.2. A potentially new member of the Federation enlists... More the help of the Enterprise to track down a wanted criminal who has a reputation for his excessive violence. However, the fugitive's actions may not be of his own will.


The High Ground

Stardate: 43510.7. Dr. Crusher is abducted by a group of... More terrorists while delivering crucial medical supplies to a planet ravaged by civil war.


Déjà Q

Stardate: 43539.1. A Calamarian starts attacking the Enterprise while seeking... More revenge on a powerless Q.


A Matter of Perspective

Stardate: 43610.4. Riker is accused of murder when a scientist... More is killed in an explosion. Picard must recreate the recent events in the holodeck to prove his commander's innocence.


Yesterday's Enterprise

Stardate: 43625.2. A rift in the space/time continuum brings the... More U.S.S. Enterprise - C forward into the 24th Century, and alters the timeline. In this future, the Federation is at war with the Klingons, Tasha Yar is on the bridge, Worf did not join the Federation, and only Guinan's unique perception of reality may restore the timeline.


The Offspring

Stardate: 43657.0. Data becomes a father when he creates a... More Soong-type android in the form of a daughter named Lal. Issues are complicated when Lal starts showing signs of a more evolved consciousness, including the ability to feel emotions, which attracts the attention of Starfleet scientists who want to take her away from Data and examine her advanced systems.


Sins of the Father

Stardate: 43685.2. Worf is reunited with his long-lost brother when... More their father is charged with treason for helping the Romulans. Together they make an appeal to the Klingon High Council to challenge the charges, and have them revoked.



Stardate: 43714.1. Picard is secretly abducted and switched with an... More alien double. The crews' suspicions are raised when he starts exhibiting unusual behaviour, and is relieved of command.


Captain's Holiday

Stardate: 43745.2. While on vacation on Risa, Captain Picard encounters... More two Vorgons from the 27th Century who claim they are searching for a powerful weapon hidden somewhere on the planet.


Tin Man

Stardate: 43779.3. The Enterprise encounters a 'living' ship in the... More Neutral Zone, and risks breaking the Romulan Federation alliance in order to bring it into contact with a Betazoid emissary.


Hollow Pursuits

Stardate: 43807.4. A nervous and insecure officer, Lt. Reginald Barclay,... More places the Enterprise in great danger when he neglects his duties in Engineering, and instead spends his time acting out his fantasies on the holodeck.


The Most Toys

Stardate: 43872.2. The crew are shattered by the apparent death... More of Data in a shuttle explosion, and are prevented from carrying out a detailed investigation when Starfleet gives them orders for a new mission elsewhere. However, the crew don't realize that he was actually abducted and placed on display as part of a collection of rare and valuable items held by a disreputable character.



Stardate: 43917.4. Spock's Vulcan father, Sarek, boards the Enterprise to... More negotiate political relations with the Legaran. However, Sarek has contract Bendii syndrome, which causes a Vulcan to gradually lose control, and become overpowered with emotions.


Ménage à Troi

Stardate: 43930.7. Riker and Deanna, both on shoreleave, are unexpectedly... More joined by Deanna's mother, Lwaxana, on Betazed. Shortly, all three are kidnapped by the Ferengi who want to study Lwaxana's telepathic abilities.



Stardate: 43957.2. Dr. Crusher becomes attracted to an injured alien... More with mysterious powers, who is being tracked down by his government like a wanted criminal.


The Best of Both Worlds (1)

Stardate: 43989.1 An Starfleet expert on the Borg, Lt.... More Cmdr. Shelby, is assigned to the Enterprise to investigate the disappearance of a Federation colony. Picard is abducted by the Borg and assimilated into the Collective, which forces Riker to attempt a rescue mission.

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