Spooks: Series 6

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Tense drama series about the different challenges faced by the British Security Service as they work against the clock to... More

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Spooks: Series 6 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Prime Video and Apple TV Store and SBS On Demand and BritBox Australia.

Spooks: Series 6 episodes

Episode 6.1

The Virus: Part 1

Zaf and Adam participate in a mission in Tehran that... More goes wrong. As the investigation advances, the team realizes they've been lied to as to the goals of their mission.

Episode 6.2

The Virus: Part 2

The country faces a plague outbreak. In a race against... More time, the officers from Section D have to track down and quarantine everyone who might be infected, while preventing a panic.

Episode 6.3

The Kidnap

A British plane is thought to have been hijacked and... More taken to an American airstrip. Ros is captured by the Yalta organisation when the team shows up and they learn of an international cover-up.

Episode 6.4

The Extremist

As an Algerian extremist escapes his home detention, the team... More fears he may be plotting a terror attack on US businesses in the UK with the help of local Iranians. However, working with the Americans to stop the attack proves a trying task given their recently-deceitful behaviour.


The Deal

MI5 has to intercept a Russian arms dealer who plans... More to pass blueprints for a nuclear device to Iran. Adam and Ana decide to bring their relationship to a close.


The Courier

Harry discovers there's a mole at large in the Grid.... More Meanwhile, Ros and Adam board a plane undercover in an attempt to stop Iran becoming a nuclear power.


The Broadcast

A live TV broadcast announcing the new peace accord between... More the UK, US and Iran is hijacked by armed gunmen. Can Adam and Ros defuse the situation before someone's hurt?



Ros is in grave danger after Bob Hogan discovers she's... More a traitor. Meanwhile, Harry's brought before Yalta's chief, whose identity shocks him to the core.



The team finds themselves suspended from the Grid following what... More happened involving Ros. Harry learns from an old adversary about a bomb he has planted in London. The team realizes that if they respond their lives will be in danger but if they don't it will be the public who suffers. A shocking discovery is made when they discover who is behind the latest threat.


The School

Hardliners opposed to the peace between Iran and the West... More have targeted a London school. Jo is captured by Redbacks, the mercenaries who abducted Zaf.

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Action, Drama
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