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Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez return for this revival of the '90s high-school sitcom centred on a group of teens... More

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Saved by the Bell: Season 1 (2020) is available to... More stream in Australia now on Stan and Google TV.

Saved by the Bell: Season 1 (2020) episodes

Episode 1.1


Bayside gets an influx of new students after Governor Zack... More Morris shuts down underfunded schools.

Episode 1.2

Clubs and Cliques

Aisha challenges Jamie's spot on the football team. Daisy and... More Mac butt heads over an assignment.

Episode 1.3

The Bayside Triangle

After a theft at Bayside, a former Douglas student becomes... More a suspect. Meanwhile, Mac and Jamie fall for the same girl and compete with each other to win her attention.

Episode 1.4

The Fabulous Birchwood Boys

Daisy goes power-mad while planning Bayside's Harvest Dance together with... More Mac. Meanwhile, Lexi gives DeVante acting lessons after she discovers that he's a great singer, but a terrible actor.



Slater and Aisha try to toughen up the Bayside football... More team. Meanwhile, Jessie takes Daisy under her wing.



DeVante faces consequences after a student says he pushed him.... More Mac becomes a payphone.


House Party

Lexi and Mac attempt to break up Jordan and Aisha's... More new relationship. Daisy tries to go wild.


The Todd Capsule

Zack, Kelly, Jessie and Slater reunite at the Homecoming Gala,... More but can't find the same spark they used to have. They all discover that Principal Toddman has a secret. Meanwhile, Daisy and Lexi fundraise together and Mac desperately tries to come up with a perfect Homecoming prank.


All in the Hall

Mac and Lexi help Daisy fight for her future at... More City Hall. Meanwhile, Principal Toddman and DeVante tour the new-and-improved Douglas High School.



Daisy plans a walkout, but struggles to get all the... More Bayside kids to agree. Mac confronts his dad.

Saved by the Bell: Season 1 (2020) | Ratings & Reviews

"The key ingredient to what makes this new series work isn't the majority of the original cast reassembling like the Avengers, but the standout cast of young newcomers that work so well together you barely notice when the OG Baysiders aren't around."

The Washington PostThe Washington Post

"The relative praise of "for a Saved by the Bell reboot, it's pretty good!" has been fairly earned. Still, a show about the subtle patronization of lowered expectations shouldn't be aspiring to little more than exactly that."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"Some of the actors are able to play both layers at once, but mostly the two modes clash, rather than complementing each other."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"Here we are, in true Zack Morris and Mac Morris fashion, pulling off the kookiest scheme of all: "Saved by the Bell" is now good."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"The returning cast fits the new mood ably. The younger players are first-rate - even better than one might notice at first, given the general air of nuttiness."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"The "human cartoon" approach to sitcoms that 30 Rock and Great News had is a great match for Wigfield's take on Saved by the Bell, which fondly skewers the tropes of the original while recycling them with a self-aware wink."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"It's a very ha-ha-wink-wink approach that, while at times witty, unfairly holds up a mock-up of the original series, indicative of its pop culture era, presumably so that the younger generation can hurl spitballs at it. It's excessive."

TV GuideTV Guide

"Without minimizing Lexi’s gender identity, Wigfield smartly declines to frame it as Very Special Episode fodder. Less elegant is the revival’s juxtaposition of privileged Baysiders and their bused-in counterparts. The show is thoughtful enough to underline that not every rich kid is white. ... A punchy, intermittently inspired, well-intentioned mishmash."

Time MagazineTime Magazine

"As a whole, the show is a nuanced and self-deprecating take with signature fast-paced storytelling and many, many homages (watch for Zack’s famous phone in the premiere) to satiate new and returning viewers alike."


"This single-camera, ten-episode Saved by the Bell, which skewers the original in all the right, incisive ways, is a smart, often hilarious reimagining of a show that is beloved more on ironic terms than sincere ones, a fact that the Peacock sitcom understands down to its Bayside-mocking bones."


"The show mostly sustains the original’s wholesomeness, delivering sweet, tween-friendly lessons about being true to yourself and giving others second chances. But Saved By The Bell is also surprisingly funny, balancing its reverence for the original with satire that will no doubt speak to fans who grew up on the show."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

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