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Seen through multiple timelines, a young woman’s mysterious death during an idyllic Caribbean vacation creates a traumatic ripple effect that... More

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Saint X: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Disney+.

Saint X: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

A Lovely Nowhere

The Thomas family arrive on Saint X for what seems... More like an idyllic family trip. Meanwhile, in present day Brooklyn, Emily has a surprise encounter with someone from her past. We see the genesis of Gogo and Edwin's friendship.

Episode 1.2

Woman Is Fickle

We learn more about what happened the night of Alison's... More disappearance. Alison is drawn to both Edwin and Tyler. Emily starts to dig deeper into her past. On an off-resort excursion, a tourist family stumbles across something shocking.

Episode 1.3

Men of Interest

After the discovery of Alison's body, Gogo and Edwin become... More the presumed suspects. Emily continues to follow Clive, lying to Josh and Sunita.

Episode 1.4

A Disquieting Emptiness

We learn more about Clive's history, after he left the... More island. Clive reluctantly begins to open up to Emily, as she continues to pursue him, much more aggressively, with Sunita's help. Alison and Edwin get closer.


Colonial Interference

Someone from his past reaches out to Clive. Tyler tries... More to push things with Alison. Emily and Josh’s relationship is challenged as she continues to search for answers. Emily and Sunita clash over her growing obsession.


Loose Threads of the Past

Emily can't stop thinking about the letter. The Thomas family... More visits Emily and Josh. We learn about Claire's past.


The Goat Witch and the Sinner

Emily promises Josh she will seek help. We learn about... More Young Edwin's secret. Alison tries to figure out the most exciting way to spend her last night of vacation.



Emily learns the truth from Clive. All is revealed about... More what actually happened that fateful night on Faraway Cay.

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Drama, Thriller
Country of origin
United States of America

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