Red Election: Season 1

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Danish secret service agent Katrine Poulson and British spy Beatrice Ogilvy are thrown together in a race against time. As... More

Where to watch Red Election: Season 1

Red Election: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on SBS On Demand.

Red Election: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Episode One

MI5 agent Beatrice Ogilvie is warned of an impending terrorist... More attack. Beatrice suspects that the Danish Secret Service agent Katrine Poulsen is involved and set a trap for her.

Episode 1.2

Episode Two

Beatrice is assigned to lead a security group for the... More Prime Minister, when he will meet a young woman. Has Beatrice been asked to enable an infidelity deal?

Episode 1.3

Episode Three

Beatrice and Katrine are working together to prevent an assassination... More attempt on the Prime Minister. But will Beatrice be able to trust Katrine?

Episode 1.4

Episode Four

Evidence indicates that Russian money is financing a Scottish terrorist... More group. Meanwhile, Beatrice tracks down Oleg Adamov, the man who murdered her boss.


Episode Five

A bomb placed on a Danish bar by an agent... More led by Beatrice kills eleven civilians. At the same time as the yes votes for Scotland's independence increase, William asks Adam to resign.


Episode Six

Beatrice's father is arrested on suspicion of being the Russian... More mole. Beatrice swears to prove his innocence.


Episode Seven

Beatrice competes against the clock to save the life of... More GRU resource Yelena Alekin. Torben Jensen, Katrine's missing boyfriend, is finally found.


Episode Eights

Beatrice now knows that Katrine is part of Redback. She... More confronts her, but Katrine has information that makes Beatrice astonish.


Episode Nine

Shock when the Prime Minister finally loses the referendum. Beatrice... More tells William that she knows he was behind the Skanda bomb.


Episode Ten

Operation Redback ends when a nuclear meltdown allows Russia to... More carry out a "friendly invasion" of Scotland.

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