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Based on the Spotify playlist, this docuseries explores some of today's most provocative issues through the stories of the hip... More

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RapCaviar Presents: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Disney+.

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Episode 1.1

Tyler, The Creator - Breaking The Mold

Hip-hop is one of the last frontiers when it comes... More to erasing hyper-masculine norms. But at the forefront of a generational shift toward inclusivity is Tyler, The Creator. Can a rapper like him make it past gatekeepers and truly be accepted?

Episode 1.2

City Girls - Money, Power & Respect

City Girls' JT and Yung Miami speak to a new... More generation of women openly celebrating wealth and sexuality. But with greater exposure comes even more vicious attacks and criticism. How does the duo persist in a world steeped in misogyny and judgment?

Episode 1.3

Roddy Ricch - The Gift and The Curse

Roddy Ricch is among hip-hop's most promising emerging stars, but... More constant public scrutiny and internet backlash has threatened to break him. What do artists do when social media can easily catapult them to fame but can also destroy them?

Episode 1.4

Polo G - Through The Storm

As America's mental health crisis envelops hip-hop, Polo G is... More among the superstars grappling with the effects of trauma while doing everything he can to break the cycle. Now, he's focused on evolving his art while embracing the complex process of healing.


Coi Leray - Hate Me Now

While men can become stars off talent and artistry alone,... More women in hip-hop face greater expectations to conform. Coi Leray is fighting to create space for a new kind of beauty, empowerment, and control while proving she's more than a trendy TikTok artist.


Rhyme and Punishment

Law enforcement has a history of surveilling Black Americans and... More targeting rappers, using lyrics and social media to build cases. With the feds constantly watching, can hip-hop effectively harness its political power.


Episode 7

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Episode 8

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