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A successful New York entrepreneur lives a double life as the head of a drug empire that serves only the... More

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Power: Season 3 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Stan and Google TV and Apple TV Store.

Power: Season 3 episodes

Episode 3.1

Call Me James

Out of the drug game, James is ready to leave... More "Ghost" behind. Angela must decide between love and honor. Tasha reels from the death of Shawn. Tommy is forced to make some bold moves.

Episode 3.2

It's Never Over

Ghost scrambles to tie up loose ends while he deals... More with new nightlife competition. Tommy confronts Tasha, as she and Angela must learn to coexist. Tommy gains an advisor in his returned love, Holly.

Episode 3.3

I Got This on Lock

Ghost is presented with an opportunity that could take the... More clubs to the next level, all while looking over his shoulder. Tommy reunites with Tasha in a scheme, while he also tries to keep a contact under control.

Episode 3.4

Don't Worry, Baby

As the opportunity to expand the clubs evolves, Ghost is... More spread even thinner between Angela, the kids, business, and Tommy. Tommy struggles with a decision, Kanan gets back into the life, and Angela faces doubts.


Help Me

Tommy searches for who made the attempt on his life.... More Greg leans on Ruiz to give up the true "Ghost", while Angela does all she can to keep them away. Proctor informs Ghost he may have a new problem.


The Right Decision

Tommy and Ghost reunite to take out a dangerous foe,... More enlisting Tasha in a plan to escape detection by Angela and her team. While Tommy soldiers forward, Ghost loses control at a crucial moment.


Don't Go

Angela reels after her breakup, but must face some difficult... More questions at work. Ghost must scramble to not lose the club deal, while he and Tommy are forced back into the game. Dre learns the meaning of the La Arana card.


Trust Me

Mike and Angela hunt for the mole. Angela gets a... More lead, while she must solidify Tommy's alibi. Tasha receives a warning as Tariq makes a dangerous new friend. Milan issues an edict to push a new product.


I Call the Shots

Angela takes action to find the mole, while Ghost makes... More a move to regain the club deal. Ghost and Tasha fall into a familiar role while Kanan has a dark influence on Tariq. Milan warns Tommy of the price of betrayal.


In My Best Interest

Ghost races to retrieve evidence, while he throws the party... More of his career. Tasha forms an unlikely alliance in an attempt to save her family. But will Tommy make a move that will change everyone's life forever?

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