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In this comedic Australian crime series, a man goes missing from a tiny outback town of only 12 residents. His... More

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Population 11: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Stan.

Population 11: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Outback UFO Tours

A mysterious stranger arrives in the tiny outback town of... More Bidgeegud, searching for a local named Hugo, only to discover he is missing and that foul play might be involved in his disappearance.

Episode 1.2

Stray Dogs

Newcomer Cassie begins helping Andy as he investigates Audrey, the... More local pie maker, who’s become the prime suspect in Hugo’s disappearance, only to discover Audrey is filling her pies with a mystery meat that she doesn’t want anyone to know about.

Episode 1.3

Who's Jeff

After a narrow escape from Audrey, Andy sets his sight... More on Hugo’s nemesis, Noel, until the shocking truth about Hugo is revealed.

Episode 1.4

Sweet 'N' Sour Dingo

As Andy and the town reel from the news about... More Hugo, Andy makes a shocking discovery that sets him on a collision course with Noel.



After Andy is lured out to the desert by Cedric,... More and Cassie learns the shocking truth about Jimmy, Andy’s forced to come clean about his motives when he discovers Hugo’s secret hiding place.


The Bunker

After Andy is betrayed by Cassie, he discovers Hugo’s secret... More bunker, only to come face to face with his killer.


Earth Room

Cassie goes out on a limb to rescue Andy, only... More for him to lead them back into danger when they accept an invitation to stay at Trevor and Maureen’s, whose sinister motives are soon revealed.


The Sea

While Andy battles Gareth for the money, Cassie makes an... More incriminating discovery at Leon’s house, only for Leon to catch her red-handed, causing her to realise that her life might be in danger.


Trivia Night

As Andy grapples with what he’s done, Cassie inflames the... More ire of the town while hosting pub trivia, accusing several of murder, but all bets are off when the truth is turned completely on its head by Hugo.


Like Father Like Son

Reunited with his long lost father, Andy finally confronts Hugo... More about the missing money, only for them to wind up lost in the bush, while Cassie witnesses the shocking discovery of Gareth’s body.


Desert Pearls

Andy finally tracks down who stole the missing money, as... More Leon reveals his and Gareth’s true colours, and Geraldine takes extreme measures to control the situation.


The Scorpion And The Frog

As the town reels from more homicide, Geraldine takes Cassie... More and Andy hostage, before Petey P shows up, forcing Andy to fight for his and Cassie’s survival.

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