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A bullied teen receives mysterious help from someone online, a stranger soon revealed to be her recently deceased father David,... More

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Pantheon: Season 2 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Prime Video.

Pantheon: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

The Gods Have Not Died In Vain

While Ellen testifies before Congress, Maddie leads a group of... More teens to get the local network up and running; Caspian, in charge at Logorhythms, leads a team to help him crack integrity; Chanda waits for help with other uploaded minds.

Episode 2.2

Crack Integrity

Caspian must convince Maddie to bring David's upload back online... More in order to crack integrity; Ellen reveals a secret to Congress that could bring Logorhythms down; Pope works in the shadows to finish the mission he helped start.

Episode 2.3

Joey Coupet

Maddie meets a family member she didn't know existed; Caspian... More and Maddie meet an uploaded astronaut and her family on earth; Renee helps Holstrom break free of his hard drive.

Episode 2.4

Olivia & Farhad

Maddie, Caspian and Mist travel to London to meet Olivia;... More Holstrom continues his quest to be cured of the flaw; SafeSurf develops a mind of its own.



Maddie and Mist try to find and rescue Caspian, who... More is held hostage until he promises to cure his captor; Ellen and Waxman learn of a plan to destroy humanity from the unlikeliest place.



Caspian and Maddie try to save humanity from Holstrom's virus;... More Former foes create alliances to help save the world.


The World to Come

Caspian wakes up to a new world twenty years in... More the future where conflict between uploaded intelligences and humans is at a breaking point. The world needs him now more than ever.


Deep Time

Caspian negotiates between uploaded intelligences and humans; SafeSurf turns against... More humans; Maddie gains some perspective on life.

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