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Netflix's teen comedy series from Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) follows an Indian-American girl who is frustrated with her current social... More

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Never Have I Ever: Season 4 is available to stream... More in Australia now on Netflix.

Never Have I Ever: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

...lost my virginity

An awkward end to an intimate moment has Devi fuming... More all summer. As senior year begins, the crew has college — and complicated feelings — on the brain.

Episode 4.2

...gotten sweet revenge

Bent on exposing who vandalized her car, Devi makes a... More bold accusation. Fabiola shakes up the robotics club's culture. Pati hides a secret from the family.

Episode 4.3

...liked a bad boy

As senior year continues to spiral, Devi's resolve to avoid... More Ethan weakens. Paxton returns to a comforting place. Nalini tackles termite issues.

Episode 4.4

...wrecked my future

At a college fair, Devi juggles her love life with... More her academic ambitions, Fabiola ponders a tricky decision and an unlikely ally comes to Ben's rescue.


...been to New Jersey

On a school trip to New York, Devi discovers that... More college may be scarier than she thought, Eleanor faces disappointment and Fabiola remains tight-lipped.


...had my dream stolen

With early college admissions rolling in, Devi's in for more... More than one surprise. Kamala warns a smitten Pati about Len. Ben overhears a hurtful comment.


...had an identity crisis

As Paxton struggles to let go of his past as... More the king of high school, he seizes a chance to thrive as a swim coach and finds closure with an old flame.


...set my mom up

Unsure about her own love life, Devi focuses on Nalini's... More — but it will mean befriending an enemy. Pati's birthday ends on a high note no one sees coming.


...gone to prom

After a major setback, Devi feels the burden of telling... More a lie and must dig deep for a second chance. On prom night, the friends share their truths.


...said goodbye

The last weekend of summer coincides with a festive occasion... More — and on the brink of their new lives, Devi, her family and friends have lots to celebrate.

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