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An iconic bon vivant, who barely has enough resources to maintain his affluent lifestyle, hires a young woman from Paraguay... More

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Nothing: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Disney+.

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Episode 1.1

To Be in the Oven

Beset by financial woes, Manuel is immersed in a creative... More crisis that has prevented him from starting the book he was commissioned to write (a book which he has already spent the advance payment he received). Adding to Manuel's stress is an unexpected event that upends his home life.

Episode 1.2

To Row in Milk Caramel

Devastated by Celsa's passing, and not knowing how to navigate... More his life in the midst of the turmoil that her death precipitated, Manuel - motivated by the fear of being alone for the rest of his life - tries to rekindle a past romance. At the same time, he considers replacing Celsa with a young Paraguayan woman who refuses to not be hired.

Episode 1.3

The Truth of the Breaded Cutlet

Antonia becomes increasingly established in her role and Manuel begins... More to see an undeniable improvement in the performance of his new employee. However, he soon discovers that his close relationship with Antonia generates a certain amount of friction within his social circle.

Episode 1.4

To Eat the Hoof

Manuel no longer knows what to do to delay his... More commitment with the publisher, who is demanding hard proof that the book he was commissioned to write is nearly finished. His financial problems are getting worse as he is on the verge of bankruptcy. Just as he seems ready to give up, Antonia rescues him with an unexpected surprise that gives him the will to continue living.


To Throw Butter on the Ceiling

Manuel successfully finishes his book and manages to arrange for... More his friend and celebrated New York journalist, Vincent Parisi, to attend the book launch. Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, Vincent sees firsthand the impressive change in Manuel as a result of Antonia's presence in his life.

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