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Taking place six months after the events of Monsters, Inc., this spinoff series follows new recruits for the energy sector... More

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Monsters at Work: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Disney+.

Monsters at Work: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Welcome to Monsters, Incorporated

When Tylor Tuskmon arrives at Monsters Incorporated to begin his... More dream job as a Scarer, he discovers that scaring is out and laughter is in. As a result he is temporarily reassigned to MIFT, the Monsters Incorporated Facilities Team.

Episode 1.2


When Tylor is initiated into MIFT during a bizarre ritual,... More he wants nothing more than to get away from his odd coworkers. But when an emergency strikes Monsters, Inc., MIFT kicks into action and Tylor develops a hint of respect for the misfit team.

Episode 1.3

The Damaged Room

When a human baby's room is damaged by a Jokester,... More Tylor has his first experience working with MIFT on the repairs. While the room is repaired, Mike and Sulley must take care of a human baby.

Episode 1.4

The Big Wazowskis

Hoping to get in good with Mike, Tylor signs MIFT... More up to be Mike's bowling team for the annual Monsters, Inc. Bowl-off-a-thon… only to discover that everyone at MIFT stinks at bowling.


The Cover Up

Tylor and Duncan accidentally cause a city-wide power outage and... More must cover it up from an inspector.

The Vending Machine

Tylor’s job is threatened when he breaks MIFT’s favorite vending... More machine on the day Fritz must fire someone due to budget cuts. Meanwhile Mike tries boosting morale at Monsters, Inc.


Adorable Returns

Tylor mistakenly allows the banished “Adorable Snowman” to return to... More Monsters, Inc. Fearing he’ll also be banished, Tylor struggles to get him back before he’s discovered. Meanwhile, Val searches for the secret as to why the snowman was banished in the first place.


Little Monsters

Tylor sees an opportunity to get promoted as Jokester during... More Mini-Monster Day at Monsters, Inc. when he is paired with Ms. Flint’s daughter. Can he get her to laugh?


Bad Hair Day

Abandoning his dream of becoming a Jokester, Tylor sets his... More sights on becoming the perfect MIFTer. But when he loses the sacred hair of David, a former employee, Tylor must get it back before the MIFT team finds out.


It's Laughter They're After

Tylor achieves his dream and is promoted to Jokester… but... More he feels torn on leaving MIFT. Meanwhile, Laugh Power is threatened when Mike and Sulley are given an ultimatum: generate more power or be shut down.

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