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After landing from a turbulent but routine flight, the crew and passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 discover five years... More

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Manifest: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Netflix and Google TV and Apple TV Store.

Manifest: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


When Flight 828 lands in New York, Michaela and Ben... More Stone and the other passengers learn that years have passed, but they haven't aged a day. They reunite with loved ones, piece together their old lives and deal with mysterious voices in their heads.

Episode 1.2


The passengers from Flight 828 find themselves under government scrutiny... More as they struggle to resume their lives. Michaela is forced to confront the fact that Jared is married to her once-best friend, while Ben tries to help a fellow passenger reconnect with his son. Cal is approached by an obsessive stranger, as Grace and Olive disagree on whether or not to reveal a devastating secret.

Episode 1.3


Ben and Michaela investigate a shocking murder in fear that... More it's connected to Flight 828. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to accept the life Grace led in his absence, while Olive and Cal realize that being twins after five and a half years apart is harder than they thought.

Episode 1.4

Unclaimed Baggage

Michaela and Saanvi have a similar vision, but it takes... More them some trial, error and teamwork to heed the call; Jared takes the fall for Michaela's misstep at work; Ben comes face-to-face with the man who replaced him.


Connecting Flights

Flashbacks reveal how Grace, Olive and Jared coped with the... More loss of their loved ones after the disappearance of Flight 828; Ben tries to escape the voice in his mind by going on an adventure with Cal; Michaela struggles with her feelings for Jared.


Off Radar

When Cal wakes with a life-threatening fever, Grace worries it's... More a side-effect of his experimental cancer treatment, but Michaela and Ben suspect Cal's condition may be related to a mysterious passenger from Flight 828. As Cal's situation worsens, Ben and Michaela attempt to track down the now-missing passenger.



With the detained passengers secretly moved and subjected to painful... More experimentation - and Cal's health directly linked to them - Ben takes advantage of an old friend to find out where the passengers were taken. Meanwhile, a mysterious new version of the calling pulls Michaela into a murder investigation that has deep personal ramifications for her.


Point of No Return

Ben forms an unlikely partnership with Vance in a high-stakes... More race to locate the missing passengers of Flight 828. Meanwhile, Michaela helps a suicidal passenger who believes he is the Angel of Death, and Cal goes back to school, navigating both his unwanted celebrity and his former friends, who are all now 16 years old.


Dead Reckoning

When Ben and Michaela put everything on the line to... More save the other missing passengers, the mission goes horribly awry and not everyone makes it out alive. The devastating result pushes Ben and Grace to a traumatic brink, while pulling Michaela and Jared dangerously close together.



Michaela's mystifying, next-level calling launches her on a mission that... More brings her relationship with Jared to a head. Determined to protect his family, Ben explores an alternate meaning to Michaela's calling that leads him to a new alliance and a powerful new adversary. Cal's struggle with Ben's absence from home forces the Stones into an agonizing confrontation that could alter the family's fabric forever.



Willing to follow any lead to keep his son safe... More from The Major, Ben heeds Cal's calling to help Captain Daly clear his name for what happened to Flight 828. The journey uncovers a seeming conspiracy that stems all the way back to the day the plane disappeared. Meanwhile, Michaela assists Autumn in her own journey of redemption.


Vanishing Point

When Cal is discovered missing from his bedroom, Grace and... More Ben launch a desperate search which takes them to the remote mountains of upstate New York. A tantalizing trail of breadcrumbs leads them to a startling, game-changing discovery. Meanwhile, Michaela confronts the deceptive Autumn, and the shadowy "Major" finally makes an appearance.


Cleared for Approach

Michaela uses her skills as a detective to find out... More more about Zeke, a hiker who disappeared in 2017 and may be one of them. Ben's family is impacted as public disdain for the passengers of Flight 828 rises.



When Saanvi goes missing, Ben suspects a fanatical group who... More have become obsessed with the passengers from Flight 828. Michaela must face the consequences of her reunion with Jared. Zeke returns to New York and has an ominous calling.


Hard Landing

Another non-passenger appears to have come back from the dead,... More and Ben, Michaela and Saanvi want to know why now and why him. This mystery-man is also having callings. Saanvi experiences PTSD.


Estimated Time of Departure

Michaela, Ben, Zeke and Saanvi all have the same calling.... More After another panic attack, Saanvi is finally ready to see a therapist, but it may not be what's best for her. An ominous new link appears between Griffin and the 828 passengers.

Manifest: Season 1 | Ratings & Reviews

"And yet the ambition on display is admirable. Manifest is brazenly emotional in the This Is Us mold, unafraid to nod at the real toll of missing five years of life... even as it lays the groundwork for a somewhat cracked procedural."


"That's where the show goes from desperate-to-be-inoffensively-vague to unimaginatively wishy-washy. As a viewer who prefers authenticity and specificity, the pilot to Manifest is light on both."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"The deep, complicated emotions involved here should be the best way to tell this story and sustain the show - and, in the hands of more thoughtful outlets on cable and streaming services, they would be."

The Washington PostThe Washington Post

"With an ensemble cast and a lot of moving parts, "Manifest" is getting an assist with its liftoff by following NBC's The Voice."


"Manifest has a frustrating lack of propulsion, a central dullness whose force field is so strong it bends all the interesting parts toward itself."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"There's enough intrigue here to keep watching, but Manifest only has a couple of episodes to get the tone right, or else people will check out."


"Manifest may have a bumpy flight ahead if it hopes to rise above the many failed mystery shows that have disappeared before it."


"It's at least worth watching at least one more. Just in case it does happen to be aliens."


"Shows with complex premises need to provide more to be given a comprehensive review. The pilot alone was not enough to make me want to get on board."


"Manifest has some good qualities."


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