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Part historical fiction, part conspiracy thriller, this series delves into the aftermath of the first American presidential assassination—and the fight... More

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We aren’t aware of any way to watch Manhunt: Limited... More Series in Australia. If we’ve got that wrong, please contact us.

    Manhunt: Limited Series episodes

    Episode 1.1


    President Lincoln is assassinated five days after the Civil War... More ends. Edwin Stanton, his right-hand man, finds himself at the aftermath's forefront.

    Episode 1.2


    Facing a nation without a president, Stanton grapples with funeral... More arrangements, suspects, and piecing together a larger conspiracy.

    Episode 1.3

    Let the Sheep Flee

    The hunt expands to Québec, where a nest of Confederate... More spies and expats reorganize. Booth is taken underground in Maryland.

    Episode 1.4

    The Secret Line

    Stanton and Detective Baker investigate ties between Manhattan's most elite... More Wall Street traders, the Confederacy, and Booth.

    EPISODE 1.5

    A Man of Destiny

    President Johnson interferes with Lincoln's vital plans. Stanton's health deteriorates... More as he closes in on Booth.

    EPISODE 1.6


    Stanton gets a win, but not the way he wanted.... More He plans for the conspirators’ trial, which he must conquer to keep Lincoln’s legacy alive.

    EPISODE 1.7

    The Final Act

    Risking his personal and professional standing, Stanton produces the trial... More of the century to seek justice against everyone responsible.

    Manhunt: Limited Series | Ratings & Reviews

    "A compelling look at an inflection point in American history."

    TV GuideTV Guide

    "A thrilling, thoughtful snapshot of a nation in flux."

    Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

    "Sometimes somber (and even depressing), rollicking and surprisingly funny at others."

    USA TodayUSA Today

    "Cross the miniseries Abraham Lincoln with a police procedural like FBI, and you have Manhunt."


    "Be prepared to walk away with... at the very least, an appreciation for this new examination of one of the most infamous crimes in history."


    "Historical nuggets, powerful performances, and an engrossing investigation... an addictive true crime thriller."


    "In a no-man’s land that doesn’t find the sweet spot between politics and true crime."


    "The problem... is that once you know a few things are wrong or fabricated, you begin to question the rest of it."

    Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

    "A mixed bag of thrilling revelation and tortuous tedium."


    "Fails to cohesively bring its many thematic and narrative strands together."

    A.V. ClubA.V. Club

    "The trailer and the actual show at hand could not be more different."

    "The story -- and the bits of factual detail with which it is adorned -- will likely keep one watching."

    Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal

    "Part crime potboiler, part political thriller, part historical overview — and each strand works a treat."

    Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

    "Strong performances keep this adaption... on its feet. Mostly."


    "The show’s engagement with... the course of Reconstruction is serious and informed... the most interesting and distinctive aspect of the project."

    The New YorkerThe New Yorker

    "Ticks along nicely enough, particularly if — like me — you know embarrassingly little about Lincoln’s assassination."

    The TimesThe Times

    "Occasionally, the story lapses into stern pronouncements, but immediacy generally holds sway."

    The AgeThe Age

    Manhunt: Limited Series | Details

    M, Mature themes, coarse language and violence
    Thriller, True Story & Biography
    Country of origin
    Apple Original

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