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Morgan Freeman narrates this nature docuseries following the story of life's 4 billion-year journey on Earth, told through its ruling... More

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Life on Our Planet: Season 1 is available to stream... More in Australia now on Netflix.

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Episode 1.1

Chapter 1: The Rules of Life

Evolution. Competition. Mass extinction. Three fundamental rules have driven the... More rise and fall of life on Earth for over four billion years.

Episode 1.2

Chapter 2: The First Frontier

For billions of years, land on Earth was uninhabitable. But... More in the seas, predation allowed species to thrive before — and after — two mass extinctions.

Episode 1.3

Chapter 3: Invaders of the Land

Sprawling moss, towering trees, flying insects, limbed amphibians: Early species... More vied for domination as the land went from hostile to hospitable.

Episode 1.4

Chapter 4: In Cold Blood

After Earth's third mass extinction, mammals' surviving ancestors ruled the... More supercontinent Pangea. But lizards soon ushered in the age of reptiles.


Chapter 5: In the Shadow of Giants

The formation of continents with varied environments allowed for an... More explosion of biodiversity — and turbo-charged the evolution of mighty dinosaurs.


Chapter 6: Out of the Ashes

The dinosaurs met their end with a cataclysmic asteroid impact.... More Rising from the ashes, birds reinvented themselves into a dynasty 10,000 species strong.


Chapter 7: Inheriting the Earth

Emerging from the dinosaurs' shadows, mammals went from underdogs to... More global power, with game-changing adaptations that would conquer land, air and sea.


Chapter 8: Age of Ice and Fire

As the Ice Age thawed, humans rose above the rest.... More But the possibility of a sixth mass extinction now looms: Has our ingenuity caused our downfall?

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