Land of Women: Season 1

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Eva Longoria plays a New York socialite forced to flee to a charming Spanish wine town with her mother and... More

Where to watch Land of Women: Season 1

Land of Women: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Apple TV+.

Land of Women: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Chapter 1

When a betrayal comes to light, Gala whisks Julia and... More Kate off to Spain for a girls trip—only for Julia and Kate to discover they're actually all on the run.

Episode 1.2

Chapter 2

Amat complicates Gala's plans to lay low. Kate tries to... More return home, unaware of the danger she's in. Julia confesses the truth about Gala's father.

Episode 1.3

Chapter 3

Gala dives into making the winery successful. Meanwhile, Julia resorts... More to blackmail, further straining her relationship with Mariona.

Episode 1.4

Chapter 4

Hank and Kevin close in on Gala's whereabouts just as... More she makes a troubling discovery about the extent of Fred's misdeeds.


Chapter 5

Amat senses something's up with Gala and uncovers her connection... More to Hank and Kevin. Chaos erupts at the winery.


Chapter 6

An unexpected visit forces Gala to make the most important... More decision of her life.

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Comedy, Drama
Country of origin
Spain, USA
Apple Original

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