Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight - Season 1

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Jack Black returns to DreamWorks' martial arts family franchise in this series as the voice of Po. Partnered with a... More

Where to watch Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight - Season 1

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight - Season 1 is... More available to stream in Australia now on Netflix.

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight - Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

A Cause for the Paws

Po's popularity is gone after wicked weasels steal a powerful... More gauntlet. English knight Wandering Blade offers a chance to chase down the thieves.

Episode 1.2

The Knight's Code

Po is ready and willing to be Blade's apprentice. But... More their mismatched personalities clash — until Po's masterful kung fu moves impress his partner.

Episode 1.3

The Lotus

When Klaus and Veruca strike a hedgehog village for a... More scroll, Po must choose between helping a prisoner or keeping the trust of the elder monks.

Episode 1.4

The Legend of Master Longtooth

With the emperor's Forbidden Company on their tail, Po and... More Blade head to Po's favorite comic book creator to learn the location of the next weapon.


The Gateway to the Desert

A mysterious figure helps Po. Po and Blade must put... More aside their differences when they stumble into Klaus and Veruca in the desert spice market.


The Lost City

Po and Blade follow the comic book's map and journey... More through the treacherous desert. The secretive stag makes a deal with Klaus and Veruca.


The Last Guardian

The warriors meet the reclusive Rukhmini and try to convince... More her to hand over the fire whip. Colin the stag questions his alliance with the weasels.


A Thread in the Dark

Veruca's magic powers are of no use, so she seeks... More to treat her injured brother in a secret forest village. But Po and Blade are right behind them.


Slow Boat to England

With Klaus and Veruca in tow, Po and Blade set... More their sights on England. The emperor meets Po's protective dad, Mr. Ping, and a scheming Rukhmini.


The Knight's Fall (2)

Blade explains everything about her past. An epic sled chase... More through the snow-covered mountains leads Po to make a fateful decision.


The Knight's Fall (1)

The duo rushes to the emperor's palace to warn him... More of Klaus and Veruca's intentions. Po and Blade get separated, and a hidden secret is revealed.

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