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Set in Texas, this animated series follows the life of propane salesman Hank Hill, who lives with his overly confident... More

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King of the Hill: Season 10 is available to stream... More in Australia now on Disney+.

King of the Hill: Season 10 episodes

Episode 10.1

Hank's on Board

Hank discovers that Dale and Boomhauer take yearly vacations together,... More and assumes that they are trying to avoid Bill. He invites his family and Bill along for a weekend at the beach, but during the trip, Hank realizes that his friends are actually trying to avoid him because he’s uptight and bossy. Peggy advises Hank to throw caution to the wind and have some fun with his buddies, but the results leave Hank and the guys overboard.

Episode 10.2

Bystand Me

When the Arlen Bystander gets a new editor, Peggy gets... More a job writing a household hints column. Except Peggy doesn't know any household hints, so she gets Minh to supply her with housekeeping tips in exchange for the answers to the New York Times crossword puzzles. Meanwhile, Hank makes Bobby get a paper route.

Episode 10.3

Bill’s House

After Bill nurses Hank, Peggy and Bobby through the flu,... More he starts to feel lonely when there is no one else to take care of. Hank gets Bill to volunteer at a halfway house for alcoholics, and Bill invites the residents to stay with him. As more and more houseguests show up, Hank becomes determined to find them a permanent residence. Meanwhile, Peggy makes a promise to God that if she gets over the flu, she'll learn to ride a bike, and Bobby makes her keep her promise.

Episode 10.4


When Hank and Peggy try to clean up a historic... More Arlen landmark, they find out that the town was founded by harlots and was once a place of ill-repute. The new city manager uses the city's rediscovered history to turn the town into a tourist trap for the adult porn industry. Frustrated by the changes, Hank decides to move the family – that is, until he is aided by adult actress Candee.


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown

Hoping to get Bobby to stop cracking jokes in school,... More Hank enrolls Bobby in a clown class at the local community college. The pretentious instructor teaches Bobby classical comedic theory and sucks all the fun out of him.


Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?

Kahn is accused of having become so assimilated that he's... More a "banana" -- the Asian equivalent of an "Oreo." To get back to his Laotian heritage, Kahn adopts a simple lifestyle and abandons the swimming pool his neighbors helped build.


You Gotta Believe (In Moderation)

In order to raise money to save the Tom Landry... More Middle School baseball program, Hank invites a Harlem Globetrotters-type softball team to compete against his community league Arlen Zephyrs. But Hank ruins the show by deciding to take the game seriously.


Business is Picking Up

When Bobby attends the school's job shadow program, he winds... More up interning for Peter Sterling, a man who runs a pooper-scooper business. Bobby is so impressed by Peter that he decides to pursue the same career. Meanwhile, Hank is trying to train Joseph at Strickland Propane.


The Year of Washing Dangerously

Hank gets sucked into Kahn's get-rich-quick scheme when Kahn buys... More the car wash that hosts car cruising on Friday nights. But Kahn wrecks the business by trying to cut corners, and gets bought out by Buck Strickland. Meanwhile, Peggy tries to figure out if Nancy is deliberately refusing to take her calls.


Hank Fixes Everything

Buck Strickland embarks on a propane price war with Thatherton... More and two other rivals, and hires the guys from "American Chopper" to boost sales at the Propane Expo. When the 'war' goes too far, and the companies are all losing profit, Hank takes matters into his own hands, and calls a meeting. Unfortunately, the owners decide to 'price fix' and get caught. Meanwhile, Lucky and Luanne wait for Brownville Station tickets, in line 6 days before tickets go on sale.


Church Hopping

When Reverend Stroup gives the Hills' pew at the Arlen... More First Methodist Church to another family, Hank and his family decide to find another church. A slick pastor tries to bribe the Hills into worshipping at his Megachurch.


24 Hour Propane People

When Buck gets banned from his favorite strip club, he... More refocuses on making Strickland Propane a "fun" place to work. He makes his employees dress in costumes, have sleepovers in the office and use hip catchphrases. It's up to Hank to get everyone focused on selling propane again.


The Texas Panhandler

Instead of getting a job, Bobby and Joseph discover that... More they can make more money, and look cooler, by hanging out on street corners and begging.


Hank's Bully

A young boy, Caleb, starts following Hank around, making fun... More of him and generally annoying him. Hank isn't sure how to deal with such a young bully.


Edu-macating Lucky

Lucky asks Peggy to help him get his GED in... More the hopes of improving his chances of marrying Luanne. Peggy intentionally teaches him the wrong information so he'll fail and give up the idea of marrying her niece, but then she starts to suspect that Luanne might be pregnant.

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I tell ya hwhat, the all-American characters and acerbic writing of this animated sitcom still present a hilariously honest portrait of repressed life in the West. Hank Hill might have no emotional intelligence and no butt, but his show has a lotta heart.

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