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Jane Turner and Gina Riley's almighty sit-com sees the pair as a mother-daughter duo sending up the Australian suburban way... More

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Kath & Kim: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Netflix and Apple TV Store.

Kath & Kim: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


Kath Day is enjoying life as an empty nester until... More her recently married daughter Kim moves back in. To Kim's disgust, Kath has a lover and they're going for it like rabbits. Kath has a feeling in her waters that Kel is about to make their sensual relationship a mere formality. Kim enlists Sharon's help to stalk her estranged husband Brett, with disastrous results.

Episode 1.2


Brett's relationship with a 75kg Rottweiler by the name of... More Cujo has Kim's nose out of joint. She's out to sow her rolled oats and, with encouragement from Sharon, they go speed dating at the local pub. Meanwhile Kath is concerned that there is a dark secret at the heart of Kim and Brett's separation, one that even threatens her future with Kel.

Episode 1.3


Wedding preparations for Kath and Kel's big day are well... More underway. Kel puts his skills as a fine purveyor of meat to the test as he begins to design a commemorative sausage for the connubials. The future of the Sharon's netball team and three generations of family history are at stake when players drop out at the last minute. Can Kim drag her manicured nails off the couch to help her second best friend in need?

Episode 1.4


Kath's wedding plans are thrown into chaos when she discovers... More that Kim has really stacked on the weight and doesn't fit into her bridesmaid's dress. Sharon discovers self-help and motivational books and considers marriage counselling as a career. Her reading is soon put to the test as a complete breakdown of all relationships erupts. A round table counselling session produces startling revelations, but talk to the face cos the hand ain't listening!



Kath's flat out organising the wedding and the stress is... More starting to show. Comments about her looks are making her worry that Kel is losing interest. When Kel stands Kath up one too many times, Kath is determined to move on without him. Meanwhile Brett's in the freezer while Kim plays ice maiden. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen is Kim's motto but Sharon puts an ice pick in the works.



Kath is scrimping and saving money to pay for the... More ritziest fairytale-style wedding on her own. After gambling and competitions fail to raise the much-needed cash, Kath organises a lingerie party with Kim and Sharon modelling the merchandise and serving hot suggestions. Kim discovers something she's really good at, internet chat rooms and online shopping with Kath's credit card. With the help of a modem, Kim is determined to meet the man of her dreams. Beware the lace snap crotch teddy!



Kath Day's wedding is weeks away and Kim organises a... More top hens night. With a stick on bra, fake tan and a one-sleeved top, Kath is ready to party. However things go horribly wrong when they unwittingly imbibe some illicit substances. And then there's Kel's Buck turn, but don't go there girlfriend.



The day of the ritziest fairy tale wedding has arrived.... More With punch served from the rubbish bin and a tarp over the clothesline, the guests arrive at 4.45pm for a 4.46pm start. A unique chain of events leads to a nuptials that no one will ever forget, well not quickly anyway.

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