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The successful Emma (Vicky McClure, Trigger Point) fears she's losing her mind after suffering from sleep deprivation two weeks before... More

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Insomnia: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Stan.

Insomnia: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


As her 40th birthday approaches Emma stops sleeping. She realises... More she is repeating the same unsettling behaviour as her mother, who had a psychotic break on her own 40th. Is she turning into the very monster she has spent a lifetime trying to forget?

Episode 1.2

Bad Blood

After their mother unexpectedly dies, Emma and Phoebe are shocked... More to learn her death is suspicious. Reeling from recent events, and with worsening insomnia, Emma is forced to come clean to her husband Robert about her past.

Episode 1.3

This Family is so Fucked Up

As Emma's life continues to unravel, her unsettling nighttime behaviour... More escalates so she decides to investigate what's happening to her. It becomes apparent that Emma may pose a danger to her own family which has devastating consequences.

Episode 1.4

Happy Birthday

Emma seeks solace in a new friend while Phoebe replaces... More her sister in the family home. As Emma digs deeper into the past, a forgotten childhood memory shines a light on her relationship with Phoebe, causing her to doubt her sister's intentions.


What Have You Done?

As Emma comes under the spotlight, she becomes increasingly convinced... More of her sister's treachery. Before she can get answers to a newly emerging memory, tragedy strikes and Emma begins to mistrust herself.


Episode 6

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