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With Frank out of the picture, Claire Underwood steps fully into her own as the first woman president, but faces... More

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House of Cards: Season 6 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Google TV and Apple TV Store.

House of Cards: Season 6 episodes

Episode 6.1

Chapter 66

As the first woman president, Claire faces increased scrutiny and... More threats. Sibling power couple Annette and Bill Shepherd attempt to influence policy.

Episode 6.2

Chapter 67

Claire clashes with the Shepherds and Mark Usher, who pressure... More her to sign the Future Act. Doug makes an unexpected move.

Episode 6.3

Chapter 68

The Shepherds push Claire on a Supreme Court nomination. Doug... More works to find a new path for himself. Claire consults with Jane on Syria.

Episode 6.4

Chapter 69

As a crisis mounts in Syria, Russian President Viktor Petrov... More wants to make a deal with Claire. Questions arise about Tom Yates's whereabouts.


Chapter 70

Claire allows her enemies to think she's incapacitated as they... More plot to remove her from office. Doug's investigation leads him to uncover a secret.


Chapter 71

Claire makes staff changes. The Shepherds try to recruit Doug... More to their side. With Mark facing intense scrutiny, Jane offers advice.


Chapter 72

While the Shepherd family attempts to diminish Claire's power, Doug... More goes off the grid but continues angling to advance his agenda.


Chapter 73

Claire tries to tarnish Frank's legacy. Doug provokes Claire by... More releasing excerpts from Frank's diary. A rift develops between the Shepherds.

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