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A young teenage girl, born and raised to be an off-book CIA agent, longs to learn the truth about her... More

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Hanna: Season 3 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Prime Video.

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Episode 3.1


Hanna returns to The Meadows with her cover as a... More loyal Utrax trainee intact thanks to John Carmichael, who leads the trainee program but has been coerced by Marissa to help. As the trainees prepare for their first missions, Marissa contacts a CIA analyst in Vienna who is on the target list, and uses him for information. While in Paris, Hanna meets her target Abbas, a charismatic young activist.

Episode 3.2

Grape Vines and Orange Trees

Unable to forget Abbas, Hanna breaks protocol and visits him... More at his safehouse. While Marissa’s world is shattered when she recognizes The Chairman from Hanna’s photo. As Hanna and Marissa plan to sabotage the next assassination, a small mistake raises suspicion. Hanna intercepts the Utrax agent sent to investigate, but Carmichael is outed as a traitor which leads to Hanna and Marissa being ambushed.

Episode 3.3


Hanna and Marissa move quickly now that they’ve been exposed.... More They plan to head to Vienna, believing it’s the headquarters of Pioneer and home of the assassination program but Hanna first goes in search of Abbas. Marissa continues on to Vienna. Both are unaware they are heading into a trap.

Episode 3.4

Look Me In the Eye

Hanna and Marissa break into Pioneer headquarters and discover the... More frightening truth behind the assassination list and how it’s made. While inside, Marissa confronts Evans (aka The Chairman), leaving Hanna to escape with the evidence to bring down the program.



Hanna and Marissa have nearly lost. Hanna is held captive... More by Evans while the evidence that Marissa has to bring down the program turns out to be encrypted and unusable. When Hanna tries to escape she finds what could be the key to bringing down Pioneer, but Evans’ brutal interrogation might break Hanna before she can use it.


Do Not Sleep

Hanna and Marissa return to Pioneer headquarters as prisoners but... More with a mission to unlock the evidence they need to bring down the program. When they realize that Abbas and his daughter are in danger they race off to rescue them. In the forests outside Vienna, Hanna must save Abbas while Marissa confronts Evans one last time.

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