Gold Diggers: Season 1

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Set in 1850s Australia during the gold rush era, this comedy series follows two women willing to do anything—or anyone—to... More

Where to watch Gold Diggers: Season 1

Gold Diggers: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on ABC iView.

Gold Diggers: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Golden Girls

The wildly optimistic Brewer sisters set out to get lucky,... More but first they must conquer the lads, lice and lechery of the Australian Gold Rush.

Episode 1.2

Wife Material

Gert and Marigold reinvent themselves as posh, cultured babes and... More enter the annual 'Miss Dead Horse Gap' pageant.

Episode 1.3

I'm With The Bandits

When Bushrangers arrive in town, the sisters seize on the... More sudden availability of hot outlaws to get Marigold laid.

Episode 1.4

Holy F**k

Rejected once again by 'respectable society', Gert goes on an... More angry bender and unwittingly hooks up with a man of god.


Man Ban

Gert finds a job, while Marigold finds love with a... More hot, sweet miner. When worlds collide, pandemonium ensues.


Episode 6

Gert and Marigold's mother makes a surprise visit.


Episode 7

Road trip. Gert and Marigold go on the run to... More escape their terrible crimes.


Episode 8

Suspected murderers, thieves (and confirmed hussies), Gert and Marigold take... More the stand in their murder trial.

Gold Diggers: Season 1 | Ratings & Reviews

Lively new series brings modern ideas such as negging, red flags, and third-wave feminism to the fields of the Gold Rush. It's great to see some new faces in Aussie comedy, alongside established talents actin' all old-timey.

Eliza Janssen