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In this musical comedy, optimistic high school teacher Will Schuester tries to refuel his own passion while reinventing the high... More

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Glee: Season 2 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Google Play and Apple TV Store and Disney+ and Foxtel.

Glee: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1


After a tough loss at Regionals, the glee club is... More back as the underdogs of McKinley High. When the school is faced with even more budget cuts, Mr. Schuester pushes the kids to help recruit new members for the club. Rachel and Finn disagree on new recruits, and aren’t sure they will be able to come together in perfect harmony.

Episode 2.2


When Brittany and the gang try to convince Mr. Schuester... More to let them do a Britney Spears number, he is reluctant to go that edgy. Meanwhile, an insecure Will is curious about Emma’s new beau, Dr. Carl Howell, so he convinces her to bring him in to talk to the kids about dental hygiene. While the dreamy doc inspires the girls to take their dental health more seriously, Will is left feeling worse than before.

Episode 2.3

Grilled Cheesus

Finn has an existential crisis when he believes he sees... More the face of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids rally around Kurt after he has a crisis of his own that leads to a larger discussion among the group about their own theology.

Episode 2.4


The glee club works on a duet assignment, and Finn... More and Rachel plan to throw the competition so that Sam can have a shot at winning. Meanwhile, a love triangle between Mike, Tina and Artie develops.


The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Will decides to have the glee club perform “The Rocky... More Horror Show” for the annual school musical after learning of Emma’s newfound love for the cult classic. Despite Sue’s usual scheming, the members of New Directions inject their distinctive style to such timeless tracks as “The Time Warp” and “Damn It, Janet.”


Never Been Kissed

After Finn and Sam find an unconventional way of controlling... More their urges, a few glee club members pick up on the strategy and start using it too. But when Coach Beiste gets wind of what they are up to, the glee club has some explaining to do. Meanwhile, the Girls vs. Boys Tournament returns, Kurt meets an ally from a rival glee club, Puck and Artie join forces and coach Beast is on the verge of quitting her job.


The Substitute

When Mr. Schuester gets sick, a substitute teacher takes over... More his Spanish class and the glee club and winds up winning over the whole New Directions clan. Meanwhile, when Sue fills in for Principal Figgins as McKinley’s top dog, she tries to flex her power on campus.



It's all about wedding and parents with Kurt getting ready... More for his father Burt's upcoming marriage to Finn's mom Carole, Sue decides to compete by getting married as well which will lead to the introduction of an awesome guest star: Carol Burnett. Carol will play Sue's Nazi-hunting mother Doris, who comes to visit Sue in Ohio.


Special Education

New Directions heads to the big Sectionals competition to go... More head-to-head against the Warblers and the Hipsters. While trouble brews between some of the young couples, Emma and Carl grow closer.


A Very Glee Christmas

It's Christmas time at McKinley High and Finn tries to... More get everyone in the holiday spirit; Brittany needs no help because she still believes in Santa Claus. In other news, Sue scams the teacher's Secret Santa


The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

A local football championship game takes place and the "Thriller"... More mash-up is performed during the halftime show. The Cheerios, McKinley High's cheerleading team, compete at Regionals.


Silly Love Songs

Love is in the air at McKinley High when the... More glee club sets up a kissing booth for Valentine's Day. Things don't go as planned, however, and hearts end up getting broken.



Rachel tries to launch a comeback into the McKinley High... More social stratosphere with a little help from Brittany. Meanwhile, Sam starts a tribute band.


Blame It on the Alcohol

Principal Figgins teaches the student body about the danger of... More underage drinking, and the glee club is personally touched by the message. Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste indulge in a little fun of their own.



Holly Holiday returns as the sex education substitute teacher and... More helps the glee club out with some new numbers. On the other hand, Emma becomes the head of the celibacy club.


Original Song

With Sue Sylvester coaching Aural Intensity, Blaine and the Warblers’... More dynamic set list and tough judges Tammy Jean Albertson and Sister Mary Constance, the kids of New Directions decide the only way to win Regionals is to write and perform their own original songs. Meanwhile, Quinn is hell-bent on getting Finn back and ruling McKinley once again.


A Night of Neglect

The glee club agrees to help raise funds for another... More under-the-radar group; big decisions are made and relationships are tested.


Born This Way

The glee club learns about self-acceptance through the music of... More Lady Gaga; Lauren and Quinn compete for prom queen; Ms. Pillsbury faces with her issues; Rachel makes a life-changing decision; Santana schemes.



Sue Sylvester revives the school newspaper and decides to print... More a few inflammatory blind items. The glee club gains a whole new respect for Sam when they discover some interesting new information about his family life. Meanwhile, April Rhodes (guest star Chenoweth) returns to Lima and tries to convince Mr. Schuester to hit the road with her.


Prom Queen

When the entertainment for prom falls through, Principal Figgins asks... More New Directions to perform at the dance much to prom coordinator Sue’s dismay. Things get heated as the competition for prom king and queen draws closer, and Jessie St. James returns.



New Directions continues to strategize their set list for Nationals... More with a little help from Jessie St. James. Meanwhile, an unexpected loss rocks the world of one of McKinley’s own.


New York

New Directions heads to Nationals to compete in the ultimate... More singing showdown.

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