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A member of a band is kicked out for something he didn't do, leaving him to prove his innocence, in... More

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FreeKs: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Disney+.

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Episode 1.1

Twist of Fate

Gaspar and Ulises have a fight on stage, which represents... More a turning point in the direction that FreeKs will take. During the fight, the band and its music go viral and the conflicts between them grow more intensely. Ulises makes a drastic decision and Gaspar faces a terrible accusation.

Episode 1.2

I Will Be Here

Without his friends' support, Gaspar decides to leave the country.... More FreeKs receives a tempting offer from Ricardo Lugones, a music producer who will guarantee them fame and success. Defeated and exhausted, Gaspar finds a light of hope in an unexpected voice.

Episode 1.3


Gaspar makes secret efforts to unmask the person responsible for... More the robbery. To do so, he hides in an abandoned workshop, but comes across someone who puts his plan in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Ulises seeks Lugones' approval and proposes to become the band's leading songwriter.

Episode 1.4

The Red Notebook

Gaspar becomes obsessed with one of the suspects and tries... More to find incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, the FreeKs attend an event to reboot the band without Gaspar. The band is told that there will be changes to its direction and essence. In addition, Lugones won't stop making demands and putting pressure on them.



Gaspar risks being discovered in the bunker to get key... More information about what happened the day of the robbery. At the same time, he looks for a way to keep tabs on FreeKs' music career. Meanwhile, Ulises does everything in his power to take Gaspar's place as star songwriter.



Gaspar gains access to valuable material that allows him to... More move forward with his investigation, focusing on his best friend as the main suspect for the robbery. Meanwhile, Ulises creates expectation by presenting a new song for FreeKs, but Lugones already has other plans for the band. Nina and Gaspar decide to meet, but someone will get in their way.



An unexpected situation forces Gaspar to tell Nina the truth... More about his identity. The boys' personal issues threaten the integrity of FreeKs. Ulises learns a secret that will be very useful and will allow him to manipulate the band's creative decisions.


Happy Birthday

On his birthday, Gaspar is reunited with a person who... More is very important in his life, but his friends feel his absence. He also gets a very valuable account that changes the course of his investigation. The imminent release of the album renews tensions among the FreeKs, who feel increasingly pressured by Lugones.


Who Are You?

FreeKs manages to get into the big leagues, but the... More issues between the band members threaten its continuity. Gaspar is getting closer and closer to discovering who is responsible for the robbery, but his lies are also getting weaker. A person approaches Ulises to warn him that they share a common enemy.


A Perfect Day

Gaspar looks for a way to approach Nina and to... More get in contact with Ludo, but someone stands in his way. Meanwhile, Ulises puts more and more pressure during rehearsals and interviews. The others grow tired and take advantage of a unique opportunity to restore Gaspar's reputation.


To the Limit

While Nina and Gaspar are in the hands of Mauricio,... More the FreeKs have their own problems to deal with. Ulises will go to great lengths to please Lugones, even taking to the extreme a situation that is bound to cause Coco's fury. While Juani has an unexpected revelation, Ludo learns a secret that leaves him with more questions than answers.



Gaspar's endless search for the person responsible for the robbery... More continues. An unexpected revelation leaves him bewildered. Meanwhile, the FreeKs make the final adjustments before the show. Ludo, Juani, and Coco make a decision behind Ulises' back.


Park Hall

Gaspar must face all the secrets that were revealed to... More him and will turn to his mother to clarify certain family matters. Ulises will do everything in his power to stay in the band. Ludo, Coco, and Juani try to publicly restore Gaspar's image. Meanwhile, the show is getting closer and closer.

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