Files of the Unexplained: Season 1

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Eerie encounters, bizarre disappearances, haunting events and more perplexing phenomena are explored in this investigative docuseries.

Where to watch Files of the Unexplained: Season 1

Files of the Unexplained: Season 1 is available to stream... More in Australia now on Netflix.

Files of the Unexplained: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

File: Pascagoula Alien Abduction

In 1973, a fishing trip in Pascagoula led to an... More unbelievable encounter that drew attention from the media and changed two men's lives forever.

Episode 1.2

File: Ghosts of Myrtles Plantation

Visitors and tour guides share their chilling accounts about the... More Myrtles Plantation, a hot spot for hauntings and a place with a dark, complicated past.

Episode 1.3

File: Missing Yuba County Five

In 1978, five men vanished in Yuba County. Disturbing evidence... More fueled a series of questions: Did they get lost — or was something more sinister at play?

Episode 1.4

File: Government's UFO Conspiracy

Since the '70s, US military personnel have reported strange sightings... More and dealt with mysterious health issues but were forced to stay silent — until now.


File: Haunting of Lake Lanier

With multiple deaths reported each year, Lake Lanier has sparked... More spooky folklore, leading locals and others to question what lies beneath the surface.


File: Mysteries of Mt. Shasta

Steeped in legend, Mount Shasta and its rich Indigenous history... More have attracted spiritual seekers, cult leaders and secret societies for decades.


File: Bizarre Blobs of Washington

When unknown substances fell from the sky in Oakville in... More 1994 and caused unexplained illnesses among residents, theories about their origins emerged.


File: Floating Feet of Salish Sea

In recent history, a bizarre mystery has rattled beachcombers and... More investigators alike: Why are severed feet being found on the shores of the Salish Sea?

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