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This three-part documentary military thriller provides unprecedented access to the British Ministry of Defence as it recounts the daring operation... More

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Evacuation: Docuseries is available to stream in Australia now on... More ABC iView.

Evacuation: Docuseries episodes


Episode 1

The Taliban begin retaking territory in Afghanistan just as allied... More forces are leaving the country. No one knows what to expect, but the British government has dispatched a small military team to make preparations for a possible evacuation and has placed a group of elite soldiers on standby to deploy.


Episode 2

Taliban fighters break into the airfield and face off against... More British soldiers. Now that the Taliban have taken over the country, however, they have no choice but to put aside their differences and work together to maintain order.


Episode 3

Outside the evacuee processing centre, an explosion occurs in the... More sewer canal. British soldiers rush to the scene, uncertain if any of their own were caught in the blast, to rescue anyone who needs it.

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