Doc Martin: Season 5

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Martin Clunes stars in this classic British comedy drama series created by Dominic Minghella after the character of Dr. Martin Bamford... More

Where to watch Doc Martin: Season 5

Doc Martin: Season 5 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Google TV and Apple TV Store and ABC iView and BritBox Australia.

Doc Martin: Season 5 episodes

Episode 5.1

Preserve the Romance

The curmudgeonly GP struggles to come to terms with his... More new role as a father, having planned to resume his career as a consultant in London before the arrival of his and Louisa's as-yet unnamed son. To make matters worse, he begins to have serious doubts about the competency of his replacement Dr Di Dibbs when she misdiagnoses a patient as well as herself. Martin is then dealt a devastating personal blow after hearing his aunt Joan has died. (This Episode Is Rated TV-PG-V)

Episode 5.2

Dry Your Tears

The GP returns to his former post at the surgery... More after the departure of Dr Dibbs, agreeing to stay until a replacement is found. He persuades a reluctant Louisa to move into his house so he can help raise their son, and suggests they could all move to London together in the future. Martin then delivers the eulogy at his aunt Joan's funeral and speaks to her sister Ruth, who proves to be just as cantankerous as he is.

Episode 5.3

Boho With A Shotgun

New receptionist Morwenna Newcross gets off to a bad start... More after arriving late on her first day, and her hyperactive behaviour leads Martin to believe she is high on drugs. Ruth tries to deal with an intruder on the farm who has stolen the hub caps from her car, and the sleepless nights begin to take their toll on Martin and Louisa, who are running out of ways to comfort their constantly wailing baby.

Episode 5.4

Mother Knows Best

Louisa's hippie mother Eleanor arrives in the village, immediately taking... More over Martin's kitchen to prepare a herbal tonic, which she later gives to the baby to stop his crying. A culinary rivalry develops between Bert and Mark Bridge, the landlord of the Crab and Lobster pub, at Portwenn Fun Day with both keen to take advantage of the event by providing food for the spectators.


Remember Me

PC Penhale is shocked by the unexpected arrival of his... More ex-wife Maggie, who appears to have forgotten that they separated years ago and wants to know why he left her. Eleanor goes on a date with local fisherman Paul Hale, an old friend she has not seen since school, while Martin and Louisa finally agree on a name for their baby


Don't Let Go

Maggie gets the all-clear from the doctor and decides she... More will return to Bude, forcing PC Penhale to take desperate measures to persuade her to stay in Portwenn. Ruth uncovers a raft of family heirlooms while clearing out a barn at the farm, and the mounting tension between Martin and Louisa peaks when she discovers he has booked a date for James Henry's christening without consulting her.


Cats and Sharks

Bert Large's restaurant business is financial trouble. He can't even... More afford the food and drink for a charity event to raise money for Florence Dingle's cat sanctuary. Mrs Dingle is distraught. She desperately needs the money to continue to look after the cats and kittens in her care. Bert is also being chased by loan sharks Alastair Tonken and his son Norman for the repayment of £1,000 they gave him to clear his debts, warning of repercussions if he doesn't pay up.


Ever After

Mrs Tishell decides she can no longer hide her love... More for Martin and, fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, takes drastic action. While James Henry is in her care, she boards a bus out of Portwenn and leaves a message for Dr Ellingham to `meet them at the castle', forcing Martin, Louisa, Ruth and PC Penhale to mount a desperate search for the pair.