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In the Wild West in the 1860s, Sarah and John have founded New Babylon, a city of outcasts, and are preparing... More

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Django: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on SBS On Demand.

Django: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

New Babylon

In Texas, in 1872, John Ellis, a former slave, and... More Sarah, a young orphan, founded New Babylon, a city of outcasts. Django arrives in the city on a search for the murderer of his family. There he finds his daughter Sarah, the sole survivor of the massacre.

Episode 1.2

The Lady

Sarah makes a life-saving discovery for the finances of New... More Babylon: the city's basements are full of oil. With John, she pushes the door of the bank of Elmdale to finance a drill. They incur the wrath of Elizabeth Thurmann, the local potentate, who is preparing an ambush.

Episode 1.3


John, his sons, Django and Sarah travel to Nagadoches, where... More an old friend of John's might sell them a drill; alerted by Aaron, her protégé who infiltrated New Babylon, Elizabeth organises an attack.

Episode 1.4


Django and Seymour go on a mission to sell oil;... More Seymour is captured, and Django, Sarah and John must find a way to save him.



Django uses a ruse to find out if Seymour is... More a traitor. He is supposed to accompany a bogus oil shipment to the north while another shipment is made to the south.


The Trial

With a lawsuit, Elizabeth tries to take the country from... More her opponent John. When John is arrested by Sheriff Boone, Django wants to help his friend and clear up the injustice.


The Giant

John orders weapons to defend the city and demands that... More the people of New Babylon use them. Sarah does not agree with his decision and an argument ensues.


Tobacco Tin

The revenge campaign against John continues; Elizabeth hires Leonard to... More kidnap Sarah; when Django finds out, he steps in and proposes a deal to Leonard.



John throws a big festival in New Babylon. Elizabeth wants... More to use this opportunity to sneak into town with her people without being recognised.


The Western Sea

Wanting revenge on Elizabeth, Kevin rides to Elmdale; Elizabeth uses... More the brutal escalation to turn the townsfolk against the people of New Babylon.

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