Dear White People: Volume 4

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This final season of Justin Simien's college satire series, an expansion on his 2014 film of the same name, concludes... More

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Dear White People: Volume 4 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Netflix.

Dear White People: Volume 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

Chapter I

On the first day of senior year, the campus is... More abuzz with Career Day plans and news that AP House will be producing Winchester's historic Varsity Show.

Episode 4.2

Chapter II

As Reggie considers a sweet job offer, Joelle seizes a... More chance to blend faith and science, and Troy makes his pitch to the Black Caucus.

Episode 4.3

Chapter III

Facing pressure from the Order to make the Varsity Show... More a hit, Troy finds unexpected inspiration at his mother's gallery opening.

Episode 4.4

Chapter IV

On "Big House," Coco resists producers' efforts to pit her... More against Eva. Iesha calls out Sam on her own radio show. Gabe receives a fraught job offer.


Chapter V

Al offers to help Troy and friends wrest control of... More the Varsity Show back from Miss Bernadette. Reggie strikes up a new friendship.


Chapter VI

As Sam heads to Houston for a fateful trip with... More Lionel and Michael, Reggie and Joelle are trapped in a stairwell during a campus lockdown.


Chapter VII

Under new direction, the Varsity Show begins to take on... More a different form. A party thrown by Joelle's sister brings simmering tensions to the surface.


Chapter VIII

Troy's frustrations with his mom take a toll on his... More dating life. Joelle wrestles with an ethical dilemma. Coco devises a plan to take on Muffy.


Chapter IX

Sam invites Iesha back on the radio — with dramatic... More results. Gabe faces an ultimatum from his uncle. Reggie weighs a big decision about his app.


Chapter X

Opening night of the Varsity Show yields big surprises and... More a sobering encounter. In the future, the friends’ reunion takes an emotional turn.

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