Dark Winds: Season 2

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This psychological thriller follows two Navajo police officers, Leaphorn and Chee, in the 1970s Southwest as their search for clues... More

Where to watch Dark Winds: Season 2

Dark Winds: Season 2 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Apple TV Store and SBS On Demand and AMC+ channel on Prime Video.

Dark Winds: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1


Navajo Tribal Policeman Joe Leaphorn investigates the death of a... More man involved in a mysterious cult, while Jim Chee, moonlighting as a PI, works a case of his own. When their investigations collide, Leaphorn and Chee find themselves in grave danger.

Episode 2.2

Wonders of the Unknown

Leaphorn explores personal ties to an increasingly mysterious case. Chee... More is questioned by a reluctant Sgt. Manuelito. The discovery of a body sends Leaphorn and Manuelito in pursuit of a child in danger.

Episode 2.3


After facing off with a dangerous man, Chee strikes out... More on his own. Leaphorn and Manuelito partner with the sheriff’s department, leading Leaphorn to identify a vital clue.

Episode 2.4

The March

Leaphorn risks his life in pursuit of a suspect. Manuelito... More stands up to the sheriff in a bid to rescue her boss. Seeking answers on a case, Chee considers a dangerous proposition.


Black Hole Sun

With his suspect in custody, Leaphorn races against the clock... More to get a confession, while Chee goes under cover at the cult that ties their investigations together. Manuelito counsels a teenager nervous about the draft.


Hózhó náhásdlįį

Leaphorn and Chee discover evidence that connects their cases, only... More for Leaphorn to realize justice won’t be easily served. Manuelito prepares for a big life change.

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