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Based on Trent Dalton's bestselling novel - a magical-realist tale of love, loss and redemption; of time-travel and prison-breaks, mums,... More

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Boy Swallows Universe: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Netflix.

Boy Swallows Universe: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Boy Smells Rat

Eli starts the day with a turbulent driving lesson from... More Slim. School bullies confront Eli with a challenge, but a teacher catches them in the act.

Episode 1.2

Boy Gets Chop

Lyle shows Eli and Gus around his workplace and introduces... More them to his boss, Tytus Broz. Later, a surprise visit to Eli's house leads to trouble.

Episode 1.3

Run Boy Run

Frankie gets herself in trouble for protecting her sons. Eli... More searches for a way back home to look for his stepdad — and his missing stash.

Episode 1.4

Boy Loses Dad

Caitlyn continues investigating Lyle's disappearance. Accompanied by police, the school's... More guidance counselor checks on the boys.


Boy Takes Flight

Eli asks for a big favor from Slim's old acquaintance... More and comes across a major clue about Lyle's disappearance.


Boy Seeks Work

Eli and Gus show Frankie what they've planned for their... More future. Later, Eli attempts to get a job as a journalist at the local paper.


Boy Meets End

Eli finds an unlikely source for a story to submit... More to The Courier-Mail. New evidence leads Caitlyn to uncover the truth about the criminal underworld.

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MA15+, Strong coarse language, blood and gore, self harm, violence
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Netflix Original

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