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Two years after quitting the LAPD and now working as a private investigator, Bosch finds himself working with an old... More

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Bosch: Legacy - Season 2 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Prime Video.

Bosch: Legacy - Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

The Lady Vanishes

Maddie’s gone missing, and it’s all hands on deck to... More find her. Bosch allies with Chandler, Mo, and an old friend in a race against the clock to save his daughter’s life.

Episode 2.2


The Screen Cutter attempts to bargain with Bosch and Chandler,... More who go to extremes to locate Maddie before it’s too late.

Episode 2.3

Inside Man

Chandler enlists Bosch to defend a man accused of a... More brutal crime. Back on the job, Maddie struggles to find her footing. The FBI sets its sights on Bosch and Chandler.

Episode 2.4

Musso & Frank

Bosch digs into the Lexi Parks murder. Chandler’s new case... More attracts all the wrong attention. Maddie accepts an exciting assignment that partners her once again with Reina Vasquez.


Hollywood Forever

Bosch follows a hunch in the Parks case, but it... More backfires on him. Maddie hits the streets with Vasquez in her first CRU caper. Mo meets his match at a hackers' conference. Chandler starts playing the long game against the FBI. Ellis and Long keep a close eye on Bosch and Chandler.


Dos Matadores

Bosch looks into another murder that might be tied to... More the Parks case. Chandler clashes with the DA over the fate of David Foster. Kurt Dockweiler's sentencing looms over Maddie. Mo hatches a risky scheme to help Jade Quinn. Ellis and Long begin to feel the heat.


I Miss Vin Scully

Bosch starts to unravel the Lexi Parks murder, with potentially... More dangerous consequences. Chandler tries to outmaneuver the Feds as the case against her hangs in the balance. Ellis and Long get a little too close for comfort.


Seventy-Four Degrees in Belize

Everything comes to light in the Parks murder case. The... More FBI hit Bosch and Chandler where it hurts.


Escape Plan

Bosch and Chandler secure key witnesses against Ellis and Long.... More Chandler enters her endgame with the Feds. With Ellis in the wind, Maddie and CRU are tasked with protecting Bosch.


A Step Ahead

Bosch ensures the Lexi Parks case reaches its just conclusion.... More Chandler considers a big career change with the help of an old acquaintance. Maddie wrestles with the fallout of her first officer-involved shooting. Mo faces a serious ultimatum with the FBI.

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