Bloods: Season 1

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Six-episode comedy series created by and starring Samson Kayo (Truth Seekers), following a pair of paramedics in South London. Kayo... More

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Bloods: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Stan.

Bloods: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


Spiky South London boy Maleek is not impressed by new... More partner Wendy, a middle-aged divorcee who's just moved to the capital.

Episode 1.2

Air Ambulance

Maleek reveals his dream of a job in the helicopter... More service, after meeting arrogant air ambulance paramedic Phil.

Episode 1.3


When Maleek bumps into old flame Nicole, a single mum,... More Wendy sees the chance to get them together - by looking after her son.

Episode 1.4

Bike Patrol

After their screw-up with the kid, Maleek is punished with... More pushbike duty, while Wendy has to work under Jo's observation.


Siren Song

Wendy discovers Maleek is a talented singer, but refuses to... More sing after a traumatic teenage experience, so tries everything she can to hear his voice.



With the partnership in tatters, Maleek and Wendy are forced... More to deliver a baby together on the underground.

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