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Travis Fimmel (Vikings) stars as a cold-case detective on the trail of a killer, 25 years after the death of a small-town... More

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Black Snow: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Stan.

Black Snow: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Unfinished Business

When a time capsule is opened and a secret is... More unearthed, Detective James Cormack is put on the trail of a murderer from a 1994 case that was never solved.

Episode 1.2


After the discovery of Isabel's hair, those involved with the... More time capsule project in 1994 are at the forefront of Cormack's investigation.

Episode 1.3


Rumours spread around Ashford, and suspicion lands on Joe, Isabel's... More father; as Cormack interviews the time capsule kids, more secrets emerge.

Episode 1.4

The Lost Boys

Cormack investigates the link between Ezekiel's missing cousins "the lost... More boys," and Isabel's murder as a new person comes forward with evidence.


Sugar Sugar

Turner concludes that Billy's death was an accident, but Cormack... More suspects foul play and believes it's linked to the missing workers and Isabel's murder.


Spirits Speak

Cormack tries to track Anton down to question him, but... More he's disappeared, and when Cormack and Hazel discover that Kalana is also missing, they fear the worst.

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