Billions: Season 4

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Former enemies Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades, and Wendy Rhoades, the chief counselor to each, have come together to form... More

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Billions: Season 4 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Stan and Google TV and Apple TV Store.

Billions: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

Season 4 begins with Axe closing ranks, determined to destroy... More Taylor. No longer U.S. Attorney, Chuck struggles to regain power. Taylor does what it takes to keep their new company afloat.

Episode 4.2

Arousal Template

Axe, still focused on wrecking Taylor and their new company,... More hits it off with a venture capitalist. Chuck sets his sights on a new position. Wendy asks Chuck to make a change.

Episode 4.3


Axe has to step in when a tip from Dollar... More Bill goes south quickly. Chuck faces a threat to his new career aspirations. Wendy and Axe develop a plan to derail Taylor’s business. Taylor receives an important guest.

Episode 4.4

Overton Window

Axe Cap suffers an attack at a crucial moment. Taylor... More considers going into business with an unexpected partner. Axe asks for Chuck’s help. Chuck makes a bold move to advance his own career.


A Proper Sendoff

Chuck begins work in a new position. Axe is surprised... More by a visitor from his past. Wendy deals with the consequences of Chuck’s actions. Taylor goes after an organization that has a history with Axe.


Maximum Recreational Depth

Axe discovers a trap set for him by Taylor. Chuck... More and Wendy navigate marital issues. Wendy rekindles an unlikely friendship. Taylor pursues a new business venture. Connerty formulates a plan to go after Chuck.


Infinite Game

Axe and Wendy plan a new attack against Taylor. A... More favor Chuck did turns out to be a liability. Taylor makes a difficult choice for the good of their company.


Fight Night

Axe helps Rebecca with a business venture. Chuck faces off... More with US Attorney General Jock Jeffcoat. Taylor ignites a public battle with Axe. Wendy suffers a blow that could jeopardize her career. Axe Capital and Taylor Mason Capital compete in an unlikely arena.


American Champion

Chuck makes a dramatic move to help Wendy and Senior.... More Taylor goes after Axe by trying to sabotage someone close to him. Axe contends with difficulties at Axe Capital. Chuck reveals his priorities.


New Year's Day

Wendy and Taylor each prep for a big day. Wags... More gets in touch with his sensitive side. Axe and Wendy’s bond solidifies as he recalls a pivotal moment. Connerty reconnects with a figure from his past.



Wendy weighs her options. Senior makes a shocking discovery. Taylor... More offers an unlikely solution to help their business. Chuck launches an attack at an enemy. Axe contemplates a risky move.


Extreme Sandbox

Axe makes a big decision. Connerty gets closer to the... More truth. Tensions rise, and dynamics shift. Season Finale

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