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Set in the world of Money Heist, this series follows Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and his next big score—a jackpot of... More

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Berlin: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Netflix.

Berlin: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

The Energy of Love

During his glory days, Berlin assembles a gang in Paris... More for an almost impossible heist for 44 million euros' worth of jewels from 34 cities in one night.

Episode 1.2

Anchor and Lobo

Roi and Cameron must stop Father Toureaux as he threatens... More to bungle the plan. Meanwhile, love is in the air on Paris's streets — and in the Catacombs.

Episode 1.3

Full House of Embryos

Everything seems to be rolling along — for a short... More while. While Berlin schemes to get his way with both the heist and Camille, Damián gets some bad news.

Episode 1.4

An Aquarium on Your Back

The robbery is on and tensions are high as the... More crew starts to doubt Berlin's leadership. Keila and Bruce must make sure to cover their tracks.


After Love

Cameron's resurfaced trauma bursts in at an illegal street race.... More The plan enters a new phase as the gang flees the police, who are hot on their heels.


Night of the Lemons

Camille's suspicions heighten. Damián, Cameron and Roi have a troubling... More encounter, shaking the entire gang's alibis. A loose end emerges in Paris.


The Last Virgin in the Western World

As Bruce helps Keila with a life-or-death situation, Sierra and... More Murillo join the French police to look into the theft. Berlin suffers an ultimate defeat.


An Endangered Elephant

Backed into a corner, the gang maneuvers a final escape... More plan. Only time will tell if Berlin is ready for the ultimate bombshell.

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