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Adventure series set in the paradise landscapes of the Mexican Caribbean, following the story of Miguel and his accomplice, Lilí.... More

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Bandidos: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Netflix.

Bandidos: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

The Map

Miguel stumbles into an old flame at the hotel, then... More meets a guest with a peculiar last name — and even stranger tattoo — who ignites his dreams of gold.

Episode 1.2

The Sacred Place

As their plan goes awry, the gang pivots to help... More Miguel. With the cops hot on their trail, Miguel and Wilson enlist a new member and dash to the cenote.

Episode 1.3

The Stone

With Miguel facing a dismaying fate, Lucas's gadgets come in... More handy, as does Lilí's idea — still, they're bound for an explosive confrontation.

Episode 1.4

The Legend of the Three Keys

After Lilí saves the day, the gang considers splitting, but... More a dire threat binds them back together. Juan offers a cryptic, yet monumental clue.


The Exchange

The bandits hit their next target: Churches. With time running... More out, they decide to divide and conquer... but outsmarting their pursuers won't be easy.


The Traitor

After their stunt is stalled, the group must figure out... More if there's a traitor among them. Soon, more than one revelation comes to light.


The Treasure

As doubt looms over Miguel, Wilson encourages him to continue... More the adventure. But is discovering the treasure truly written in the stars?

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