Abominable and the Invisible City: Season 1

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Family animated adventure based on the DreamWorks Animation Studios 2019 feature film.

Through Everest, the yeti, Yi, Jin, and Peng know... More

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Abominable and the Invisible City: Season 1 is available to... More stream in Australia now on Stan.

Abominable and the Invisible City: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Everest Returns

Following the events of the feature, Yi struggles to recreate... More her violin magic without Everest. While her mom and NaiNai prepare for the grand opening of their family dumpling shop, Yi, Jin, and Peng discover that Yi’s violin has attracted a magical bird-like creature, Fenghuang, who needs their help. Yi’s music also calls on Everest, who returns to join the crew and find Fenghuang a suitable home.

Episode 1.2

Welcome Home, Everest!

While Yi and the crew try to pinpoint how the... More music magic works, they notice that Everest is not acclimating to the city’s warm climate. After trying everything to cool him down, they beg their old foe, Burnish, for help.

Episode 1.3

Sewer Koi and the Museum Heist

The crew discovers that a massive Koi is the cause... More of a series of earthquakes and that he is missing his precious pearl, the key to a magical underground dam that controls the sewer’s water levels. It’s going to take a heist to extract the pearl from its display at a local museum, before the sewer floods the whole city!

Episode 1.4

Peng vs. Peng

After a local candy shop suddenly closes, Nai Nai is... More set on recreating its famous candied fruit. But after Peng starts acting strangely after a late-night sugar binge, the team realizes he’s been possessed by magical sugar-addicted creatures that previously lived in the old candy shop!


Jin's New Look

On the brink of his highly-anticipated White Coat Ceremony at... More school, Jin proudly dons his new white doctor’s coat around town, unwittingly drawing the attention of a creature named Morty. After a slobbery lick from Morty, Jin turns invisible! As Jin frantically tries to become re-visible, he discovers that Morty is very pregnant!


A Cabbage Kinda Day

Already stretched thin between responsibilities, Yi discovers one of Morty’s... More babies still in her building and then accidentally loses him. She’s going to need help from Jin and Peng to find Mini-Morty and return the baby creature to its mother.


Yeti Superstitious

Right before basketball tryouts, Peng learns from Nai Nai that... More it is his “big bad” year on the zodiac calendar – which means bad luck. Peng is skeptical at first, but after seeing the positive effects of adhering to NaiNai’s superstitions, he dives headfirst into learning all he can to secure his spot on the team. Eventually, he becomes so consumed that he “breaks up” with Yi and Jin because of their zodiac incompatibility.


Toad-al Recall

A wish-granting toad drops into Yi and the crew’s life... More just as the dumpling shop is being reviewed by a food magazine writer. Overwhelmed by her efforts to help her mom and NaiNai in the shop, Yi asks the toad to spit up helpful items – but Jin and Peng aren’t so selfless. After the toad grows weak from the abundance of wishes, Yi and Everest try to help the toad get home.


Chinese Nian Year Part 1

It’s Chinese New Year! With Yi and Jin tied up... More in their respective CNY festival performances, Peng and a semi-disguised Everest hit the festive streets, eating and enjoying everything in sight. Yi panics when an accident breaks her magical violin strings, so she hurries back to find her friends, only to spot Peng and Everest and watch them get snatched up by a menacing, mysterious creature!


Chinese Nian Year Part 2

Yi realizes that Peng and Everest were taken by Nian,... More the legendary dragon-like creature associated with Chinese New Year – and he’s also taken their other creature friends! With Burnish and Duchess’ help, Yi and Jin travel outside of the city to find Nian’s cave. But a skirmish in the cave drives the conflict with Nian back to the city, wreaking havoc on the festival. The crew and creatures band together to try to stop Nian, but they’re no match. Will Yi be able to create magic and connect with the troubled creature without Everest’s magic strings on her violin?

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