Vox Lux

Vox Lux


Celeste (Natalie Portman) is a pop star on the rise, whose career takes off against the backdrop of a national tragedy. Spanning 18 years, this music drama traces important cultural moments through her eyes. Jude Law and Jennifer Ehle co-star, while Sia and the legendary Scott Walker collaborate on the score. In competition at Venice Film Festival 2018.

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  • Corbet's high-caliber melodrama combines food for thought with sense-blitzing spectacle. Full Review

  • All-pervasive millennial unease – the sense the world no longer works as it used to, or should – is Vox Lux’s plangent root-position chord, and the film offers no easy cure... Full Review

  • Vox Lux paints a sharp, shellacked portrait of a ghost in the celebrity machine. Full Review

  • Vox Lux is a powerful, haunting film in part because Portman is a powerful, haunting presence — you can’t turn away from her, even if you occasionally want to. Full Review

  • BBC

    Vox Lux comes to share Celeste's vapidity rather than reflect it, but it says a lot about Corbet's possibilities that even in the film's most frustrating moments, his daring and imagination shine through. Full Review

  • Vox

    Portman's performance as a strung-out pop star is appropriately hard-bitten and manic. Full Review