The Last Son

The Last Son

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Sam Worthington, Thomas Jane and Machine Gun Kelly star in this Western about an outlaw trying to end his evil family line. More

Set in the late 19th cen­tu­ry, mur­der­ous out­law Isaac LeMay (Worthington) learns from a sooth­say­er that he is cursed by a ter­ri­ble prophe­cy: he will be killed by one of his chil­dren. To pre­vent his own death, he tracks down his spawn, whose blood­lines are con­firmed by a hered­i­tary birth­mark. Despite hav­ing boun­ty hunters and the enig­mat­ic sher­iff Solomon (Jane) on his tail, LeMay even­tu­al­ly finds his son Cal (Kelly), who himself is on a mur­der­ing rampage…

202196 minsUSABlind Wink Productions, VMI Worldwide, VMI Worldwide, VMI Productions

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